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Raw Edit of the WEEK 62 and Your RAW Edits 61

This weeks file brings us a shot from the FIRST ever FroKnowsPhoto Froto Walk. Adam captured this shot of one of the models who came out to the walk. You can see that it was captured at an extreme shutter speed and aperture using high speed sync.

How will you edit this file this week? Will you cut her off the background and place her somewhere else in the world? Will you turn the shadow into something totally different than what is there in the image? Be creative lets see those regular edits but lets see a strong focus on those off the wall edits which tend to turn out to be very interesting.

CLICK HERE to access this weeks RAW FILE.

This week I combined the RAW EDIT 62 intro with Your RAW Edits of the week 61.

FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 62