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Oh how I HATE change, but change was needed: RAWtalk 144

Let’s start off with what has changed. First you may notice my hair has a more round shaped look. That’s because for the first time in 8 and a half years I sat in the barbers chair and got my hair trimmed. My goal was to give it a nice shape, think basketball aka nice and round. I think e succeeded there though change does not come easy for me.

On top of that the crew and I decide to do a “reset” of the RAWtalk angles. We wanted to make the center camera tighter which involved Stephen and I not sitting directly across from each other. We switched up the position for the tables which made room for Todd’s seat and more room all around in general. It may seem like a large change but it really makes a difference in the end product.

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Photo News brings you the latest news from the prior week in Photography. We discuss it, comment on it and bring light to the most relevant and popular stories in photography.

Gear of the week this week came from Canon who sent us their mega zoom Point and Shoot camera to play with. We will take this out of the box and give it a look in the not to distant future.

Last week when we spun the Wheel of FRO we did not have any names to choose from so I decided that this week we would select two people from the “Flying Solo” portion. The first person selected won the prize form last week which was something from LEXAR. With one SPIN of the wheel we finally landed on the Grand Prize which was the Atomos Ninja 2 valued at $699.99. I don’t recall which show started the Wheel of FRO with the biggest prize option but after at least 100 shows we finally hit the big one.

Thank you guys so much for watching each and every week. Don’t forget that new shows come out each Monday both as Audio and Video for your listening and viewing pleasures.

Lexar is the official memory card of RAWtalk. Thanks to all the companies on the wheel of FRO.

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Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Canon’s New Video Camera Shoots 4 Million ISO!

Canon released a new video “industrial” camera that can shoot a whopping 4,000,000 ISO! The new “multipurpose” camera is called the ME20F-SH. It’s an industry camera that’s not meant for the consumer market. The new camera is designed to capture full color video in low-light environments, like surveillance, reality television, nature/wildlife documentaries, army use, etc. Spec wise, it has a 2.26MP sensor, which has very large pixels–19 microns–which is 7.5x the surface area of a pixel on the CMOS sensor featured in most DSLRs. There is no internal storage, it only records externally to something like an Atomos. It has an EF mount that can lock in, records full 1080P at 60fps, shoots C-Log for a wide dynamic range, has a 3.5mm microphone jack, weighs only 2.5 lbs, shoots infrared video, and has built in ND filters. Price tag? It’ll cost your business $30,000 and will be available this December. Check out Jared’s preview video below:

Photographer Killed On Train Tracks During Photo Shoot

A photographer was recently struck and killed by a train during a photo shoot in California. 25-yr-old Christopher O’Guinn was in between a pair of train tracks and wanted to capture a southbound train going by in the background of the shoot and failed to notice a northbound train heading in his direction. Police say that the photographer was pronounced dead at the scene, but luckily the model escaped unharmed. According to the news report below, the train engineers were communicating with each other prior to the incident but it was too late to stop. RIP, another reason to stay off live tracks. (via PP)


Man Bitten By Rattlesnake After He Attempts To Take Selfie With It

A man named Todd Fassler tried to take a selfie with a RATTLESNAKE recently by picking it up and it didn’t end very well…The snake bit him, which then landed him in the hospital with a $153,161.25 bill for his treatment; ouch. Doctors ended up depleting their anti-venom stash at two different hospitals in order to save his life, which resulted in an additional “pharmacy” charge that added $83,000 to his bill alone! Check out footage from the hospital of his arm and where he got bit below. Another reason why you don’t take photos with dangerous animals! (via KGTV)



U.S. Publishes Previously Unseen 9/11 Photos by Dick Cheney’s Staff Photographer
The U.S. government posted previously unseen photos from 9/11 taken by Dick Cheney’s staff photographer. The set of images include Cheney, George W. Bush, and other officials in the President’s Emergency Operations Center bunker, along with photos from inside Cheney’s office, inside Marine two and more. They uploaded all 356 of them to a Flickr gallery created by The U.S. National Archives which can be found here. The release comes in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that was filed by PBS’ FRONTLINE. (via DPR)

PEOC Room meetings on day of terrorist attacks - FRAMES 02-04 ARE RESTRICTED- DO NOT PRINT WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM BOHRER OR DRAPER Released to San Jose Mercury News 6.4.02

GoPro Launches Licensing Portal & New Mobile App

GoPro will be launching a new video editing mobile app along with a content licensing portal. The new licensing portal helps GoPro users monetize the content they create. Those interested in the new licensing portal will first need to apply before being granted admittance. However, GoPro has noted that only approved agencies will be “permitted to access and license content” from the service. TechCrunch says at this time, “there are 572 videos available – 8 are available in 4k,” and that “videos start at $1,000 a piece and the term of the license is six months.” On to the new mobile app: it is “in the final phases of development and testing” and is set for release by the end of this Summer. It will enable users to edit high-quality video directly from smartphones and tablets.


Flickr Is Bringing Back “Pro” Memberships

Flickr is bringing back Pro memberships. The service announced that paid subscription plans are returning for both existing and new members. This comes from “a high amount of requests” from photographers to bring it back. Just like before, Pro users will get a “Pro” badge next to their name, will have improved daily analytics, and can browse Flickr ad-free. Not only will you not have ads on your own photo pages, you won’t see any ads when browsing other areas of the community as well. Flickr has also partnered with Adobe to offer a 20% discount to Pro members who subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan. Flickr Pro is available starting today for $5.99 per month, or $49.99 a year if you subscribe annually. Existing Pros will be automatically updated and will be grandfathered in with their existing prices too (ie. $24.99). Are you a “Pro”? (via PP)


Adobe Next Camera Raw Update Will Be Photoshop CS6’s Last

Adobe’s next Camera Raw update will be the final one for Photoshop CS6. Adobe Camera Raw v9.1.1 will officially be the last version for CS6 users. Users will have to upgrade to the Creative Cloud version to stay updated. Adobe noted that the decision allows them to “pursue further innovations in image processing and workflow technology.” Users who stick with CS6 but end up getting new cameras can download Adobe’s free DNG Converter Utility to convert the RAW data into the DNG format.


Drone Pilot Rescues Rooftopped Drone with Another Drone

A drone operator named Harrisen Howes lost a drone after his roommate drunkenly crashed it onto his neighbors roof. He went on a rescue mission and ended up recovering the drone with another drone–a bigger drone that he bought that was equipped with a POV camera. He simply used some rope and coat hanger hooks to pick up the MIA drone and monitored it via the new drone’s camera. Check out the POV video from the rescue drone of the entire recovery below: (via PP)

LumoPro’s New Flash Case Turns Into 3 Light Modifiers

LumoPro has a new flash case that turns into various light modifiers. The new case, called the LP742 LightSwitch, can turn into three different modifiers: a reflector, a bounce card, or a flag. They say they did designed the LightSwitch to also work as a snoot. However, the light spread was not up to their standards, so they didn’t include snoot as an “official” use. The case comes with a zipper, which unzips into three pieces: a front panel, a back panel, and a strap. On the inside it features stain-resistant, white vinyl. And on the outside, it has your standard protective shell made from padded ballistic nylon that most flash units come with. It’s available now for $29.99. (via Strobist)

threeforms threepieces

Panasonic’s New 3D Photo Booth Features 120 GH4’s and Cost $180K

Panasonic made a new 3D photo booth that uses 120 Lumix GH4s in a circular room. The entire booth adds up to costing about $180,000 for the cameras alone. The 2 gigapixels of image information from the 120 cameras are then loaded into special software that allows the subject(s) to be viewed from any direction. You can also pay about $450 to have the data turned into a small plaster figurine that you can take home with you. What sets Panasonic’s photo booth apart from other similar projects is that it captures images at 1/1000th of a second, allowing the subject to showcase movement in their figurine. The booth can be found at the Panasonic Center in Osaka, Japan if you’re interested in trying it out. (via DPR)