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#TacoBellBecky: RAWtalk 148

If you’re not sure about the title of this weeks episode be sure to listen to the entire episode.

Welcome back to another fun filled episode of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk the world most interesting Photography Podcast ever as voted by you the listeners.

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Photos News as always is curated by Stephen. We skipped gear of the week due to time and we wrapped up the show with Flying Solo and Wheel of FRO. This weeks questions kicked ass and were related to situations, advertising, marketing and branding.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you to LEXAR the official card of the show and all the other sponsors for their continued support.

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Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Apple Recalls iPhone 6 Plus Cameras

Apple is offering to fix iPhone 6 Plus cameras that have issues focusing. Apparently a limited number of these phones that were sold between Sept. 2014 and Jan. 2015 shipped with a manufacturing defect to their iSight camera–the back-facing camera. To check if your phone is one of the affected models, iPhone 6 Plus users can go to Apple’s website here and type in their phone’s serial number and it’ll let you know if yours needs replacing. The tech company note that they won’t replace the entire phone though, just the camera. If you’re wondering about normal iPhone 6 units sold during that time, don’t worry–they were not affected.


Canon Announces 35mm f1.4L USM II Lens

Canon has announced the long-rumored 35mm f1.4L II USM lens. The follow-up lens promises to be the “ideal complement to the latest generation of Canon’s high-resolution DSLRs” like the 5Ds and 5Dsr models. Spec wise, it has a sub wavelength and fluorine coating which reduces ghosting and flares and new “blue spectrum refractive optics” which reduces chromatic aberration. It’s weather-sealed, has an Ultrasonic Autofocus Motor, a 72mm filter thread, and a minimum focus distance of 0.28 meters (about 11 inches). It is bigger and heavier though than its predecessor. The lens is 105.5mm long and weighs 760g, up from the 86.4mm in length and 580g. Price wise, it’ll be $1,799. Will you be upgrading?


Calendar Made After Giving 100 Cameras to the Homeless in London

Here’s an interesting experiment: 100 cameras were given out to the homeless in London who were asked to shoot a theme called “My London.” Cafe Art is behind the project, who say, “Art is seen as a major way for people to recover from the trauma of being homeless.” 80 of the cameras were later returned, and over 2,500 photos developed. 20 photos were then chosen by a judging panel consisting of reps from Fujifilm, The London Photo Festival and more. The photos were then voted on and narrowed down even further by the public. The final 13 images will be put into an upcoming calendar called “My London”. Cafe Art is now running a Kickstarter to make the 2016 Calendar. Along with the images, the calendar will also feature stories from the photographers. The Kickstarter has already reached double its goal of $7,053 and still has about 3 more weeks to go at the time of writing this article. A contribution of about $14 will get you a calendar if you’re interested. What will they do with they money? They say, “All the money raised goes back into the project, either to pay for the printing of the photographs and calendar, rewarding the winning photographers, buying art materials for art groups affected by homelessness or helping individuals attend art courses.” Check out the Kickstarter video below which features interviews from the homeless photographers: (via PP)


This New Quick Release Plate The World’s First True Universal Plate

A new quick release plate claims to be the world’s first UNIVERSAL quick release plate. Simply called QuickReleaseONE, the plate aims to helps photographers quickly move their camera from one head to the other in less than 3 seconds. Here’s how it works: you connect the plate to the bottom of your camera like any quick release plate. The user then leaves the tripod’s plate on the tripod which this attaches to by using a set of three screws at the bottom to quickly attach to its 1/4″ screw mount. The quick release’s lever then secures the connection by locking the screws. It will tear through your pockets though, coming in at $139. Check out a preview video of it in action below: (via C5D)

Photographer Loses Copyright Lawsuit After Choosing Wrong CC License

A photographer lost a copyright lawsuit over an image he licensed under Creative Commons on Flickr. Back in 2008, photographer Art Dragulis uploaded a photo of a beat up house in Maryland to his Flickr account. Fast forward four years later when he discovered that the atlas company Kappa Map Group had published his photo on the cover of their commercial Montgomery County map. Dragulis filed a lawsuit against them, claiming that they had no right to use his photo. In response, the company pointed out that Dragulis had given up his copyright protections with his Flickr licensing. The photo had been licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA-2.0 license, which allows anyone to use the photo, even commercially, as long as the owner is given attribution. Since Kappa followed the terms, even giving attribution to him on the inside cover, the court found them not guilty. Read the court’s full decision via the court document below and always make sure you’re choosing the correct CC license! (via TD)


New Browser Plugin Works as a Cloud-Based Lightroom-Like Editing Platform

A new plugin called Polarr for Chrome and Firefox allows you to edit any image posted on the web right inside your browser. The cloud-based editing plugin works by hovering over the image you want to edit, clicking the editing icon, which then opens up the photo editor in a new tab. The editor’s UI is similar l to Lightroom, giving you sliders and presets for adjustments like your tone curve, sharpening, lens correction and more. When finished editing, you have the option to save the image right on your local drive or upload it to Dropbox. This is certainly a step in the right direction with Cloud-based editing. (via PP)


Canon Files Patent for Universal Tilt Shift Adapter

According to a recently published patent called “Adapter and Camera System,” Canon is working on a Universal electronic tilt-shift adapter for their EF lenses for mirrorless systems. The patent says the adapter would sit between your lens and camera body. The adapter contains its own CPU and no actual optical elements. It will communicate with the camera to make sure the tilted or shifted image circle falls properly over the entire sensor, and motors inside the adapter can adjust the tilt and shift parameters. Check out the entire patent below: (via PB)

Photographer Creates Tilt Shifted Drone Video of Detroit

Speaking of tilt shift, filmmaker Joerg Daiber flew over Detroit with a “tilt-shift-mounted” camera and a drone. He used both a Lumix GH2 and GH4, and 14-140mm and 7-14mm Lumix lenses (which aren’t tilt shift lenses so I believe he did the tilt shift effect in post). The resulting visuals though create a new timelapse video that he calls “Diehard Detroit.” Check it out below where the city mimics a miniature train set. (via FS)

This Is How They Retouched Prints in the 1800’s

Photographer Tony Richards took a close look at his vintage albumen prints that were done in the mid-to-late 1800’s and discovered their method of “photoshopping” back then: pencil marks. The pencil marks were found on the emulsion side where the retouchers permanently scratched their edits into the glass plates. They rounded chins, scratched away wrinkles and more. Check out some of his high-res scans of the plates here; very fascinating. (via Phogotraphy)


Olympus Announces OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Olympus has announced their latest mirrorless camera: the OM-D E-M10 II. The body packs a 16MP Micro Four Thirds CMOS sensor and has 5-axis in-body image stabilization. Other major specs include an ISO range of 200-25600, a 3-inch tilting touchscreen LCD screen, 8.5fps, and in-camera 4K time-lapse creation. Price wise, it weighs in at $650 and will be available later this month. What do you think? Worthy upgrade?

Cameraman Loses Control of Segway And Slams Into Usain Bolt

Ouch. Usain Bolt was hit by a Segway after a cameraman lost control of it. The runner was doing his victory lap at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing last week when suddenly the cameraman following him on a Segway hit the track barrier, losing control of his Segway, which slammed right into Bolt from behind. Could you imagine if he broke the runner’s golden legs? Luckily for the cameraman Bolt was okay. The runner says, “It took me out pretty well, but I’m OK. No issues, so I’m happy about it.” Phew! (via PB)