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The Wedding Photographer was a NO SHOW: RAWtalk 156

It turns out that the wedding photographer did not show up to a wedding I was attending a few weeks back. I debating taking my camera bag with me but ultimately opted to leave it home. The only thing I brought with me was the DXO One. Check out 5:05 of this episode to hear the story and see some of the images I was able to capture.

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What is YouTube red and what’s it mean for you and I?

What happens when a photographer who sells educational products online tells anyone who purchases her products that they can’t make videos or teach photography for two years?

Stephen hit’s us with his photo news all before we discuss the Flying Solo questions and finish with some Gear Of The Week: Nikon 24-70 2.8 VR.

Enjoy the show and thank you for your continued support.

Show Intro – 00:00:16
The Wedding Photographer Didn’t Show – 00:05:03
YouTube Red Discussion – 00:16:50
Photo News – 00:24:46
Photography Non-Compete Story – 00:49:22
Flying Solo – 01:13:15
Gear of the Week – 01:20:18
Wheel of Fro – 01:22:16

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Sony Announces New Low Light Industry Image Sensor Called STARVIS

Sony has announced a new ultra sensitive image sensor they’re calling STARVIS. This looks like its in direct competition with Canon’s new 4,000,000 ISO camera, since this is also meant for industrial use like surveillance cameras. Sony says it produces “outstanding visibility under the starlight,” and “realizes high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions.” They also unveiled another sensor specifically to help with rolling shutter called Pregius. This sensor uses “global shutter pixel technology for active pixel-type CMOS image sensors that use Sony’s low-noise CCD structure.” Check out a pair of videos demonstrating the new sensors and comparing them to regular CMOS sensors below: (via Bokeh)

Sony To Acquire Toshiba’s Image Sensor Business for $165 Million

Speaking of Sony, they are set to acquire Toshiba’s image sensor business. Reuters is reporting that they are finalizing a deal for about $165 Million, which includes Toshiba handing over both their manufacturing plant and sensor tech. This is all a part of Toshiba’s new restructuring plan that was laid out earlier this year. (via Reuters)

Canon’s Quarterly Profits Fall 21%

On the other end of the market, Canon’s quarterly profits are reportedly down 21%. Last year at this time, their quarterly profit only fell 4.5%. Reuters says that the rise of mirrorless cameras are to blame. What do you think is the cause? (via Reuters)

canon profitsThis Is What It Looked As Immigrants Arrived to Ellis Island 100+ Years Ago

A rediscovered set of images showcase what immigrants looked like as they arrived to Ellis Island. From 1892-1925, amateur photographer and chief registry clerk Augustus Sherman, took photos of people walking through customs in their native attire. The images were initially published in National Geographic in 1907 and once hung on the walls in the headquarters of the federal Immigration Service in Manhattan. Fast forward over a century, the New York Public Library has now uploaded all the images onto their Flickr account here. It features everything from the look of Ellis Island–including the exterior and interior of the buildings–and pictures of the people that arrived. Fun fact: more than 12 million immigrants used the island to enter the U.S. It’s estimated that more than almost half of all Americans have ancestors that passed through the island too. (via WP)


Introducing Pizza Hut Patty: Girl Takes Couple Photos with Pizza Hut Box

A girl named Nicole Larson loves pizza hut so much that she decided to take “couple pictures” with a fresh box of Pizza Hut pizza. In the photos, taken by photographer Miriam Ott, Larson and the pizza are seen taking cliche engagement-like photos together. In the album that was posted on Facebook, Larson says, “For the record, I only did this because my love for pizza is eternal.” The quote on the album also reads, “I just want you. Nothing else, just you.” True love. Watch out Taco Bell Becky, Pizza Hut Patty is coming for you…


Image via Nicole Larson / Facebook

Snapseed Updated to Edit RAW Photos on Android

On the topic of mobile apps, Google has updated Snapseed for Android to version 2.1 so it can now edit RAW photos. The app doesn’t take native RAW files however, but those converted to DNG raw. Here’s how it works: when you open up a DNG file in Snapseed for Android, a new Develop tool in the app will pop up. You’ll then have the ability to set exposure, contrast, white balance (including temperature and tint), saturation, shadows, highlights, and structure, similar to Lightroom. The update is now available as a free download in the Google Play store. (via PP)


This 46 Gigapixel Image of the Milky Way Took 5 Years To Create

A group of German astronomers have created the largest astrophotography image ever made: a 46-gigapixel image of the Milky Way. Researchers at Ruhr University Bochum are behind the project which wasn’t easy to pull off. It took five years to create with scientists spending their time creating ultra-high-res photos of different sections of the sky (which they divided into 268 sections). They took the photos with telescopes at the Cerro Armazones Observatory. The resulting images were then stitched together to create a 194GB file that’s 46 gigapixels. It’s so big that they put together an interactive online viewer which lets you zoom into whatever section of the sky you want in extreme detail. (via PP)

interactive viewer

GoPro Unveils First Test Footage from Drone Prototype

GoPro has released the first test footage from a current GoPro drone prototype and stabilization system which was shot using solely a Hero 4 action cam. In the sample video, they note that “No post-production stabilization was implemented; this is an example of the incredible image quality we are already able to capture at this advanced prototype stage.” For those out of the loop, earlier this year GoPro announced plans to release a quadcopter in the first half of 2016. Check out the video below: (via Engadget)

“Drone Slayer” Cleared on all Charges After Shooting Down Drone

On the topic of drones, William H. Merideth was cleared of all charges after he shot down his neighbors drone with a shotgun a few months back. The judge ruled that the camera drone’s flight WAS an invasion of privacy. Judge Rebecca Ward ignored David Boggs’–the drone operators–evidence he had, saying that he was flying well above 200 feet. She relied solely on the testimony of 3 witnesses, with two witnesses testifying that they saw the drone flying below the tree line. Boggs comments on the decision saying. “this is a victory today for him I guess, but its far from over.” The “drone slayer” says, “I was being watched and it was an invasion of privacy.” He adds that, “I was in my right to protect my family and my property.” The judge notes that, “I think it’s credible testimony that his drone was hovering for two or three times over these people’s property, that it was an invasion of their privacy and that they had the right to shoot this drone, I’m going to dismiss his charge.” Check out the full news report including court footage and interviews with Merideth below. Who do you think was in the wrong here? (via WDRB / NBC)

drone judge

AIG Now Offering Drone Insurance

This next story could have probably helped out that drone operator: AIG is now offering drone insurance. The new drone policy, called the Unmanned Aircraft insurance, is being offered through AIG Aerospace. The insurance protects both your drone and you from liability: it can cover aircraft operators, including other non-pilot, on-ground crew, loss from malfunctions and failures, physical damage, third party liability, and “war, hi-jacking and terrorism.” AIG says the policy is flexible and has terms and conditions that can be customized to individual needs. They note that it’s not as easy as getting your standard insurance though: “The process for obtaining aviation/UAV insurance is a bit different from what is the norm for most personal lines, such as homeowners’ or auto insurance.  Aviation/unmanned aircraft insurance providers, like AIG Aerospace, are not typically direct to consumer, meaning your first step in the process will be to connect and work with an insurance agent.  This agent will work with you to pull together the information needed to then have underwriters review your business and exposure.  The agent will then work with the various underwriters to negotiate coverages and terms on your behalf and then work with you to determine the best offer. While this may seem a bit more complicated, this arrangement actually works quite well and allows for you to become a more informed buyer and have access to more carriers.” Check out a copy of the application below and find out everything you need to know over on AIG Aerospace’s website. (via PP)

Nikon Teams Up With Toy Maker To Let You Build a LEGO-Like Nikon F SLR

Nikon has teamed up with Nanoblock to release a new LEGO-like camera set. The set lets you build a Nikon F SLR, their first SLR camera from 1959. Similar to LEGOs, it’s a building block-type toy, except they’re smaller pieces which lets you create more detailed works, like cameras… Check out pictures of the final product below, which contains roughly 1000 pieces. Currently it’s only available in Japan though for ¥3,980 (~$33USD) via the Japanese Nikon Direct website. (via NR)

nano nano2

POV Video Shows You What It’s Like to Photograph at the Front Lines of War

A new first-person POV video lets you see what it’s like to photograph at the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. The nearly 9-minute video shows two photojournalists covering Afghan soldiers closing in on Taliban positions during the battle for Kunduz in early October. It’s so intense that in the video one soldiers gets injured in the leg, apparently by the back blast of a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Could you imagine shooting in an environment like this? Takes guts. (via PP)

Photographer Recreates Iconic Renaissance Paintings with Car Mechanics

Photographer Freddy Fabris put together a new series of portraits that recreate iconic Renaissance paintings with car mechanics in a repair shop. The photographer, who also has a background in painting, used careful composition and lighting to give the images a similar look and feel to Renaissance artworks. In the full set, he mimics classics from Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Rembrandt and more. Fabris says, “I wanted to respect the look and feel of the originals, but needed to come up with a conceptual twist that would create a new layer to the original, To take them out of their original context, yet maintain their essence.” Find the full set over at Huffington Post. (via HP)

2015-10-20-1445384185-4310976-RenaissanceSeries1-thumb 2015-10-20-1445384705-5154142-RenaissanceSeries3-thumb

Photos via Freddy Fabris

Photographer Prohibiting Another Photographer From Teaching with Non-Compete Clause

And finally, here’s a link to the story Jared was referencing regarding the photography non-compete story via Petapixel.