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Did they really “BAN RAW” or not? RAWtalk 159

I must have had 200 people send me the article discussing Reuters supposedly “banning RAW files” and knew I needed to take a close look at what they were actually saying. The reason so many people were up in arms is because they read a headline that mentioned “banning raw” in it. The truth of the matter is RAW was not being banned, editing was. We go in depth on this news at 13:15 of the show.

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Bruce Bennett was back on the show this week to discuss the release of his new book “Hockey’s Greatest Photos”. You don’t have to love hockey to enjoy this discussion that takes us through the journey of creating this photo book. Bruce was also on RAWtalk 106 with an awesome interview done on the Philadelphia Flyers bench.

Gear of the week is the Sony RX100 IV pocket camera that we just did an unboxing and sniff test of.

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Photo News – 00:12:16
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Gear of the Week: Sony RX100 IV – 01:32:02
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“Spin That Wheel” Submissions – 01:37:35

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Dad Films with a GoPro On Vacay–the Wrong Way

A man from Ireland borrowed his son’s GoPro for his vacation to the U.S. and filmed everything backwards, literally. After Evan Griffin’s father returned his GoPro from his trip to Las Vegas, Evan discovered that ALL of the footage is just of his Dad’s face the entire time. He ended up holding the GoPro the wrong way all vacay long, essentially taking a video selfie. Evan says he let his Dad borrow it, but forgot to tell him one important thing: he says, “I did not, however, instruct him on how to use it, so my Dad being my dad, and a culchie, didn’t know which way to point the f***ing thing…” Check out the four minute video that Evan cut together below called “An Irishman In Vegas” featuring the video selfie. Awesome. (via PP)

Canon’s “Obsession Experiment” Highlights the Photographer’s Obsession to Detail

Canon released a neat promo video for their new imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printer called “the Obsession Experiment” that highlights photographer’s obsession over details. In the video which can be seen below, they showcase a print on display from the new printer. There’s a non-photographer, a photography student and the photographer who took the image all reviewing the print in the video. While doing this, they tracked the subjects’ eyes, showing where each person focused on the image. They then plotted the viewing points, totaling all the eye movements. The data shows that the non-photographer only had 212 eye movements, while the student had 445, and the photographer himself is seen talking about every little detail in the image, having a total of 1,197 movements. The results reveal that as experience level grows, so does our observation of detail. Canon then ends the ad with, “introducing the printer that’s equally obsessed.” Selling a printer without actually selling a printer… (via DIYP)

Nikon Announce The D5…Is In Development

Onto the other camera giant: Nikon has officially announced the D5–is in development…In a new press release, they state that they are currently working on the camera, NOT that it’s ready and available. They say, “Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that it is developing the Nikon D5 digital SLR camera, which represents the next generation of professional Nikon FX-format models.” Nikon also says it’s working on a new Speedlight called the SB-5000 and a Wireless Transmitter called the WT-6. The Speedlight will be “positioned at the top of Nikon’s Speedlight lineup.” Somehow they skipped from 910 to 5000. Wouldn’t SB-1000 have made more sense Nikon?

Sikh Man Photoshopped to Look Like a Terrorist from the Paris Attacks

Another image that shows how powerful Photoshop can be, even in negative light: Someone took an innocent Sikh man’s selfie photo and photoshopped it, making it appear that he was one of the terrorists from the Paris attacks. Well, the photo then went viral, with news organizations–including the sixth-largest daily newspaper in Spain–claiming he was one of the terrorists, even going as far as printing his image and posting it all over their social media accounts. The man seen in the photo is named Veerender Jubbal. They photoshopped his iPad to look like a copy of the Quran, and even added a suicide bomb on his chest. Well, he later tweeted out the original picture along with details of his life, proving his innocence. He said, “Let us start with basics. Never been to Paris. Am a Sikh dude with a turban. Lives in Canada.” Other clues in the photo reveal that it’s clearly a duped image, like that the turban on his head is a Sikh turban, and the power outlets in the photo are North American outlets, not European. He says, “Well, just got a phone call from a cousin in India, and they know about it; and saw the whole thing in India Times. We might sue, I guess.” Again, the power of Photoshop… (via BF)


Lightroom 6.3 Update: Adobe Reinstates Original Import Dialog

Adobe has updated Lightroom CC to version 6.3, re-instating the original import screen that so many people complained about being updated in the last version. For those that are out of the loop, the recent Lightroom 6.2 update introduced a new import dialog screen, stripping it down to the bare minimum and basics needed for importing photos. Many were annoyed with this, so Adobe apologized, and has now restored the import screen. In addition to new camera support (ie. Leica SL, Sony RX1R II, Canon EOS M10), the update also fixes “instability, functionality, and performance issues introduced in Lightroom CC 2015.2.x/6.2.x.” I guess I’ll finally be updating now.


Reuters Announce That They’re Only Accepting Original JPG Files Out-of-Camera

Reuters has issued a new worldwide policy stating that they’re only accepting original JPG files straight-out-of-camera. A Reuters pictures editor sent out an email to freelance photographers requesting that only original JPGs be sent in. The email reads: “Hi, I’d like to pass on a note of request to our freelance contributors due to a worldwide policy change.. In future, please don’t send photos to Reuters that were processed from RAW or CR2 files. If you want to shoot raw images that’s fine, just take JPEGs at the same time. Only send us the photos that were originally JPEGs, with minimal processing (cropping, correcting levels, etc). Cheers” A Reuters spokesperson has confirmed this policy change with PetaPixel, and says that the decision was made to increase both ethics and speed. They say, “As photojournalists working for the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters Pictures photographers work in line with our Photographer’s Handbook and the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. As eyewitness accounts of events covered by dedicated and responsible journalists, Reuters Pictures must reflect reality. While we aim for photography of the highest aesthetic quality, our goal is not to artistically interpret the news.” Again, they note that speed is a major factor for the change: “Speed is also very important to us. We have therefore asked our photographers to skip labour and time consuming processes to get our pictures to our clients faster.” Is this change for the better? Jared sure doesn’t think so: (via PP)

Russian Cosmonaut Poses with Nikon Gear on the ISS

A photograph of Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko posing with a ton of Nikon gear found on the ISS has been circling around the web. The image, which was posted on the NASA Johnson Flickr account, features him and the gear, which is found mounted on the walls of Zvezda, the Russian service module in the ISS. Below you can see lenses, flashes, mounting arms, bodies and much more all attached to the wall with three Nikon DSLRs floating in front on him. Fun fact: astronauts have shot more than 2.5 million photos in the 15 years of humans living aboard the International Space Station. DUCK FACE! (via NR)


Watch This Amazing “Flow Motion” Tour of Istanbul

Photographer Rob Whitworth released another one of his “Flow Motion” videos where he takes the hyperlapse technique and adds zooming, panning, dolly moves and more. The new video take you around Istanbul, called “Istanbul: Flow Through the City of Tales.” Turkish Airlines who commissioned the project write, “From the top of the Galata Tower, where Hezarfen flew across the Bosphorus, to the Grand Bazaar that holds the secrets of Chinese silk clothes…Are you ready to witness the tale of Istanbul, through a magical and poetic story? We created a film that introduces the historical, cultural and social aspects of the city to a global audience.” It took Whitworth six weeks to shoot the project with his team. 295 hours were spent on location and another 278 in post. He ended up with 71,000 RAW files after the shoot, totaling up to 3.8TB of data; whoa! Check out a behind-the-scenes video of how some of the shots were set up below along with photos of the various locations they shot in here. (via PP)

The Legal Battle Between PETA & Photographer David Slater Continues

Our buddy Naruto is back in the news! The legal battle between PETA and photographer David Slater continues, but now they’re fighting over the pictured monkey’s identity and gender (which is supposedly Naruto). The Washington Post reports that Slater’s lawyers filed defense papers last week arguing that PETA can’t prove the identity of the monkey in the selfies. PETA, along with primatologist Antje Engelhardt, are suing as “next friends” on behalf of Naruto, since Naruto isn’t capable of filing the lawsuit, being a monkey and all. Slater’s lawyers excuse in their motion to have the case tossed states that, “The allegation that Naruto is, in fact, the monkey who took the Monkey Selfies is contradicted by other allegations in the Complaint. Specifically, in the Wildlife Book, Mr. Slater describes the monkey who took the photographs as a female, not a male like Naruto.” Slater also claims that PETA had previously referred to the monkey photographer as a female as well. Now researcher Carol Berman, who has Ph.D students working with the same monkeys, says “I can say with confidence that the monkey in the full body photo is a juvenile male.” She says the proof is in “a round pink spot in his crotch which is the top of his withdrawn penis.” However, Berman isn’t sure the same monkey appears in all the photos. The motion for dismissal also accuses PETA of seeking “to commercialize the photographs (without Naruto’s knowledge or consent, which, as a monkey, he cannot give)” in order to “spend the proceeds as they see fit on, among other things, habitat preservation for the benefit of Naruto’s ‘community’ of crested macaques.” They go on to say, “That is, Next Friends [PETA] seek to redress a totally different problem — that of habitat loss and endangerment of crested macaques in Indonesia — through the ridiculous vehicle of a U.S. copyright claim.” Hmm…Naruto won’t be happy about this. (via TWP)


Photo by David Slater? / Naruto?