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SCREW YOU Brides Dot Com: RAWtalk 170

You have to hear about the article Brides Dot Com wrote about whether or not you should feed the wedding photographers shooting your big day. Check out the full discussion at 18:57 of this weeks show.

I get plenty of questions asking me what program do I use to edit my RAW files, the answer is Adobe Lightroom CC. You can get your free trial right here

We have a lot to discuss this week from my Super Bowl Party to Philly RAWtalk to discussing the FroFactory and much much more.

Stephen hits us with a solid number of Photo News including the one, Granny Cam and a lot more.

I hit you with Flying Solo, gear of the week and the Wheel of FRO.

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00:00:16 – Show Start
00:00:19 – Jared’s Super Bowl Party Recap
00:03:12 – Philly RAWtalk Coming Soon
00:04:54 – Lightroom CC Free Trial
00:06:38 – Canon Printer Real World Review
00:08:41 – Jared’s Text of the Week
00:10:29 – Fro Factory Update
00:12:35 – Photo News
00:29:04 – Gear of the Week: Todd’s Tether Table Arrived!
00:42:56 – Flying Solo
01:13:56 – Wheel of Fro
01:17:05 – Wheel of Fro Submissions

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Instagram Adds Multiple Login Support FINALLY

We spoke about this a few weeks back but now it’s official on iOS too: Instagram finally supports multiple accounts. The new feature now lets you toggle between accounts in the mobile app. To add your additional account, first download the latest version of Instagram from the App Store. Then, click on your profile view, hit the settings icon in the upper right hand corner, and scroll down the settings list to where logout normally is. You will now see a new option to “add account.” Once the new account is added, you can simply toggle between the accounts in the profile view by touching the username at the top. How will you know which account you’re using? You will also see the profile photo appear throughout the app in the bottom-right tab. Users will be able to add up to FIVE instagram accounts total. Also, keep in mind that you will get push notifications from all of these accounts, based on their individual account settings. Check out the video demonstrating how to switch accounts:


Lawsuit Claims Groupon Is Using Your Instagram Photos Without Permission

Speaking of Instagram, Groupon is being sued by photographers for using their Instagram photos without permission. The class action lawsuit, led by photographer Christine Dancel, was filed in the Illinois Cook County Circuit Court last week. It claims that over 1,000 Instagram photographers have had their photos stolen as “a core part of Groupon’s advertising strategy.” The suit states that, “Groupon intentionally creates the false impression that the consumers appearing in the photos are endorsing.” This photo usage causes “potential customers to think that people in the photos are satisfied Groupon customers even though they are not.” Dancel says she shot a photo of herself at a restaurant last Summer and shared the image on Instagram. Soon after, she found that Groupon had used her photo in a deal offer for that same restaurant. Dancel says the usage is a violation of the 1999 Illinois Right of Publicity Act, which protects people from their name, image, or likeness being used without their permission. According to its website, Instagram does not allow advertisers to use uploaded photos without users’ consent. Here’s a photo I took with my iPhone of the Seattle Space Needle, hope they don’t use it! (via CST)

#fbf #spaceneedle #iphoneshot #seattle

A photo posted by Stephen Eckert (@s_eckert) on

Inventor of the Synchronized Camera Flash Dies at the Age of 96

On to some sad news this week: Artur Fischer has passed away at the age of 96, he is known in the photo community for inventing the synchronized camera flash. Fischer received the patent for the sync flash system back in 1947, after having issues attempting to photograph his newborn daughter. He said in a recent interview, “Getting a good shot just wasn’t possible. And I said, I want to have a picture of my daughter, and if all else fails, I need to build my own flash.” The system he then created triggered a flash when a camera’s shutter was released. In another interview, he said, “At the time, you could only use a powder flash for interior shots, which you had to ignite with a cord. It was dangerous, and the picture quality was poor because the subject usually blinked at the flash.” Fischer has patented an average of 16 inventions a year with 1100 total patents in his lifetime, which even beats out Edison for total number of patents. Fischer is best known though for his invention of the universal Fischer dowel wall plug; RIP. (via NYT)

Brides Magazine: Don’t Feed Your Wedding Photographer

Brides Magazine has caused an uproar in the photo community after publishing an article that states brides shouldn’t feed their photographers at their wedding. In the article, which has since been deleted, wedding planner Sandy Malone gives brides advice on which vendors they’re responsible for feeding at a wedding, and which they can leave out. Malone says that brides should examine their contracts to see if feeding the vendor is explicitly required. If not, she says it’s up to “common sense.” She says photographers should be taking photos during dinner and not eating: “A photographer, for example, should be taking pictures through the wedding dinner (with some breaks to let people unselfconsciously feed themselves without a camera in their faces).” However, Malone makes an exception for traveling photographers from out of town or for destination weddings, mainly for vendors who are “staying in accommodations that don’t have kitchens or room service.” She also makes an exception for the wedding planner saying, “Your wedding planning team, for example, will probably be on deck from the crack of dawn until your reception is over. You’ll be required to feed them.” That’s weird, I’m pretty sure photographers are doing the same thing… The odd part about this whole controversy is that I found another article, dating back two years (also from that states that you SHOULD feed your photographers, saying “definitely yes” to the question of if you should feed your vendors. The article says, “plan on feeding any wedding professionals who will be there with you at the reception. This includes your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, and DJ or band, plus their assistants.” Hmmm… (via PP)

26-Gigapixel of Super Bowl, Taken from the Field

Another Super Bowl has passed, another 360-degree gigapan has been taken. Photographer James Blakeway took a 26-gigapixel interactive 360-degree panorama of the big game, right from the field. He says the final image consists of hundreds of photos stitched together, although it only took a matter of minutes to take the photos. However, it took 14 hours to process in post, resulting in a file size of 16.7GB. Check out the interactive photo here, which even allows you to tag people in the stands on Facebook and even add them as a friend. (via DIYP)


Rare 1000mm Zeiss Lens Used by SI at World Series For Sale

On the topics of sports, a rare Carl Zeiss 1000mm f/5.6 Mirotar lens that was used solely by Sports Illustrated to photograph the World Series is now being sold on eBay. The lens, which is only 1 of 28 ever made, is going for $30,000 and is being sold by Roberts Camera. The lens has been modified for the Nikon F mount and is listed as “good condition” but has “heavy wear and may have major cosmetic blemishes.” Check out the listing here if you’re willing to dish out this kind of crazy money… (via DIYP)


This Year’s Grammy Award Will Have a GoPro Built In It

The 58th annual Grammys are this week and their switching up this year’s award, by building a GoPro into it. Calling it the “Grammycam,” the new awards are designed to capture a live view of the winner’s perspective, so the viewers will now be able to see a 1st person POV on live television. Evan Greene, CMO of the Recording Academy, says that the tagline for this year’s awards is “Witness Greatness.” He goes on to say, “As we started thinking about the incredible moments, the never-before-seen and unexpected moments that take place, we asked, ‘How can we provide fans access and a point of view they’ve never before experienced? That’s how the idea hatched.” The camera itself is a modified GoPro camera stripped of its body. It will be battery powered with its signal being sent wirelessly via RF to a broadcast truck outside. The trophies are just dummy awards too, with the real gramophone awards being camera-less and engraved and sent to the winners after the show. (via FC)


Skier Shoots Matrix-Style Bullet Time Video By Swinging an iPhone Around His Head

This is pretty interesting, a skier shot bullet time-like footage by simply swinging his iPhone around him. Using a string tied to an iPhone 6, skier Nicolas Vuignier went down a mountain swinging it around his head, creating the Matrix-style video, which he calls “Centriphone.” He didn’t just simply tie the phone onto the string either, he has a special mount that keeps the phone pointed in his direction at all times. It took him a while to perfect it as well, he says “After almost two years of tinkering and tweaking I finally achieved the result I was looking for.” He adds that “no iPhones were harmed during the making of this video.” Vuignier is planning on posting a behind-the-scenes “making of video” as well to showcase how his system works. Check it out in action below: (via Gizmodo)

NASA Releases 360-Degree Video Taken on Mars Surface

On to actual 360-degree video, NASA has released 360-degree footage from the Mars Curiosity Rover. The visual consists of a vista of Mars’ Namib Dune. The image is more a photo then video since the rover is static in the footage. Check it out below and be sure to examine the Rover unit itself! If you would like to even download the 360-degree still image, click here! (via FS)

FAA Says There Are More Registered Drone Operators Than Pilots in U.S.

Drone news: the FAA says there are officially now more registered drone pilots than actual pilots in the U.S. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta says the agency passed a milestone last week when it reached over 325,000 registered drone owners. There are only 320,000 registered manned aircraft pilots currently. They note that the larger number is most likely due to most drone operators owning multiple UAVs. Huerta said the speed with which registration has taken off is proof that government and industry can work together…Have you registered your drone yet? (via BI)

Drone Operator Arrested After Crashing UAV Into Empire State Building

On that note, a drone operator has been arrested after crashing his drone into the Empire State Building. Sean Nivin Riddle was filming around the iconic NYC building when he crashed his drone into the 40th floor of the skyscraper. This caused a frenzy of local and federal officers to swarm the building before arresting him. Fortunately, the drone didn’t hurt anyone. Officials say the UAV hit the building and proceeded to fall to the 35th floor landing. While investigators believe the crash wasn’t intentional, he was arrested on the spot and was charged with reckless endangerment. (via NYP)


Photo Series Mimics Humpty Dumpty with the Human Body

A unique photo series this week by photographer AnaHell. The project, called “Secret Friends,” features portraits of people bent down, facing the photographer, with their backs to the camera. Creating an odd-shaped figure, the photographer drew funny character faces on the back and proceeded to dress up the body making a strange egg-man like person. The photographer says of the series: “I am a photographer who plays with the ordinary and deconstructs it to reveal another perspective.” Check out the full portrait series here. (via BP)


Photo by AnaHell

Newlywed Couple Takes Wedding Photo Outside a KFC

Another odd photo choice: a couple decided to take some newlywed photos at KFC. Louis and Ashleigh Davis of New Zealand stopped by Louis’ favorite fast food joint on the way to their wedding reception. Surrounded by their wedding party, the couple shared a kiss in the Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot. Ashleigh says, “I usually would’ve never agreed to do something like this and would’ve said no, but our wedding day was so perfect and relaxing that I figured why not!” She went on to say how he wanted to grab a bite while he was there: “He wanted to go in and eat but I said no, no we have to go. It was raining so I was trying to move along…he was quite annoyed about that!” Louis says that he eats there at least three times a week. His wife however is indifferent, he says “She’s really into trying ethnic cuisines: when we go out I tend to pick something safe, and then pick up a KFC on the way home.” (via TODAY)

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Photos courtesy of Louis Davis