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Introducing Winston Merideth III, Hillary Clinton Photos and a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: RAWtalk 180

We want to pass along a hearty welcome to Mr Winston Meredith the III, you can hear him introducing himself at 35:36

What’s the HUGE Announcement you may ask? On April 30th we will be releasing the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing and I can not wait for you to watch it. Remember the code “LAUNCH” as it will get you an extra $50 off during the first two weeks.

Allen’s Canon Ball will be taking place at the store on June 18th which is a Saturday. Please come out and enjoy the event with us no matter what brand you use. I hope to see you there.

Another action packed show this week with a lot of photo news, a lot of flying solo and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as the gear of the week.

Thank you guys all for your continued support and please keep on keeping on.

00:00:16 – Show Start
00:05:00 – Editing Guide Announcement
00:06:39 – Allen’s Canon Ball
00:08:30 – Lightroom 30 for 30 Update
00:08:42 – Jared Photographed Hillary Clinton
00:18:47 – Photo News
00:35:36 – Introducing Winston Merideth III
00:42:02 – Gear of the Week: Microsoft Surface Pro 4
00:56:04 – Flying Solo
01:25:24 – Wheel of Fro
01:32:13 – Meme’s of the Week
01:36:41 – Email of the Week: DNA
01:40:13 – Noah Fight

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Photographer Tries to Buy His Own Print Off The Thief That Stole It

A photographer tried to buy his own image off of the thief who stole it. Photographer Steve Arklay stumbled upon his own photo posted on someone else’s Instagram account. The image in question is of a big wave breaking at King Island in Australia. Steve believes the person got the image after it was featured on surfing website Swellnet’s “Wave of the Day,” with his permission, back in July of 2015. He checked the thieve’s Instagram bio and it noted that all prints are for sale. Now curious, he dug around some more and found his photo on the person’s Facebook page as well, and to make matters even worse—it was watermarked by the thief. Instead of simply commenting and noting that it was his, he sent the thief a message asking them if he could buy it and how big they could print that specific photo. Knowing that the image was grabbed from Instagram, he knew the thief couldn’t print the image very large. The thief replied saying the biggest size he could print is 30x20cm (8x12in) due to pixelation. Steve then sent him his information over for shipping. The thief then must have realized this was the real photographer behind the image and stopped responding immediately and deleted the image. Steve says he wasn’t trying to entrap the guy either, he was simply “curious.” Who knows how much money the thief made off the image beforehand though…Would you have played the same game is that was your image? (via DIYP)



Turn Your Instagram Photos Into a Personalized Coloring Book

Speaking of Instagram, a new service called Color Me Book turns your Instagram photos into a personal coloring book. The creator says he was inspired after the sudden influx in adult color books began to take off. He says, “I thought it would be awesome to upload photos and make my own personalized adult coloring book. I was shocked I couldn’t find it anywhere […] so I decided to build a website to see what kind of response we would get.” Here’s how it works: you upload five photos or screenshots from Instagram and they HAND TRACE them and create a coloring book based off your images. There’s not much to prevent you from using other people’s photos either. The website notes that “If you use a different [Instagram] account, you should know the person you are ordering for.” The personalized coloring book will set you back $25 for 5 photos or $40 for 10. However, if you just like coloring, they have pre-made books for $15. Head here to get you coloring on! (via BF)


Think Tank Releases Video Transport Cases for Videographers

Think Tank has released another series of bags, this time geared toward videographers. Introducing Video Transport Cases, the new bags are designed for videographers “seeking gear carrying solutions with reduced weight, increased capacity, more features, and ease-of-use.” In the lineup there are three types of bags, starting with their lowest price bags being the Video Workhorse bags. These are geared more toward DSLR or mirrorless shooters with lightweight gear—this one is a shoulder bag which ranges from $230-290. Meanwhile, they have the Video Transport bags, which are more for any type of general video gear or rigs that have been broken down, which range from $400-430. And finally, there’s the Video Rig cases which are designed to fit assembled video camera rigs so that you can start shooting instantly right out of the bag. These bags are nearly 17” deep and will cost you $480-520, depending on the model. Need more info? Check out Think Tank’s official website.

Filmmaker Removes Every Person in the Frame to be “Alone in Paris”

There’s a new short film that was created by erasing everyone in the image in post-production. Entitled “Alone In Paris,” the idea came to filmmaker Mathieu Stern after spending too much time on a crowded subway. He asked himself, “What if everyone was gone, what if I had Paris for myself, What if … and why not?” In the video, you see an actor strolling around Paris, with literally nobody else in the frame—from wide establishing shots to close ups. He says every shot was filmed at the busy hour of 2PM too! So how did he do it? He erased each person, frame-by-frame, in Photoshop, resulting in an abandoned, empty Paris. There’s even shots of the actor in front of the Eiffel tower, with no one around—now that had to take some time to clean up. He goes on to say, “We all heard the phrase ‘Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated,’ [I] wanted to show exactly what it feels like in this video.” In the end, it took Mathieu two months to complete the project, and you can see the final product below: (via PP)

Atomos Announces New 4K 60P Monitor Recorder

Atomos released another new 4K monitor recorder at NAB, calling it the Shogun Inferno. The new recorder can now support up to a 4K 60p stream. It has all of the new features from the flame series like HDR, 10-bit monitor, 1500nit brightness and more, but now with 4K 60P, HD 240P, and Raw recording support. They also announced new HDMI cables to support the 4K 60p data stream. Available now, the Shogun Inferno will cost you about $1,995. Just in time for the 1DX II!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.54.19 AM

Edelkrone Redesigns the Tripod with their New StandPLUS

Another announcement from NAB: Edelkrone has redesigned the tripod with their new StandPLUS, so much that they’re not even calling it a tripod. The new stand’s tagline is “No knobs, no buttons. Just move your camera to the desired frame and leave it there.” With tiny wheels attached to the bottom, the new tripod-like design double’s as both a portable dolly and tripod. It simply folds up for easy travel as well. The StandPLUS is “coming soon” with no official price yet. Check out a demo video of it in action below:

Zenit is Back with their 1st Line of Lenses Since Closing

Russian camera manufacturer Zenit is back with their first line of lenses since they closed up shop over 10 years ago. The new KMZ/Zenit manual lenses that Russian photographer Denis Gavrilov posted on his website include the the Zenitar 50mm f/0.95, 50mm f/1.2, and 85mm f/1.2. The 50 f/0.95 lens is for Sony’s FE mirrorless cameras and is slated to arrive in 2017, costing around $500. While the full frame 50 f/1.2 will arrive later this year for Nikon and Canon bodies—no word on pricing on that just yet though. The 85 f/1.2 is also designed for full frame cameras and will also run for about $500 in 2017. Will this be their big comeback? (via PR)


Drone Collides with Airplane at London Heathrow Airport

Drone news! a close call at the London Heathrow airport when a drone collided with an airplane upon descent. The pilot of a British Airways Airbus A320 carrying 132 passengers and 5 crew claims the plane was hit head on by a drone while the plane was flying at an altitude of 500 feet and was on the final approach when the drone was spotted. Fortunately, the airplane landed safely, and it was cleared by engineers for its next flight as well. It’s thought that the drone was too small to appear on air traffic control radar screens which is why the control tower didn’t pick it up. Aviation Police have launched an investigation but no arrests have been made just yet. Flight safety specialist at the British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) Steve Landells says, “Frankly it was only a matter of time before we had a drone strike given the huge numbers being flown around by amateurs who don’t understand the risks and the rules.” Talking about mid-air collisions, he says: “You end up with very high-velocity bits of metal going anywhere they like. That could be through fuel tanks, through hydraulic lines and even into the cabin.” Or, it could have just been a plastic bag… (via DM / TG)


DJI Announces Most Powerful Drone Yet: the Matrice 600

More drone news, DJI announced their most powerful drone yet: the Matrice 600. The hexacopter was announced at NAB, which features a brand new A3 flight controller with advanced Lightbridge 2 video transmission technology that will let you stream HD video at high frame rates from up to 3.1 miles away. It also sports retractable landing gear, has actively cooled motors and a max payload of about 13 pounds. DJI Senior Product Manager Paul Pan says it’s “the most powerful and easy-to-use professional platform DJI has ever produced.” To go along with the announcement, DJI also released the Ronin-MX aerial 3-axis gimbal, which is compatible with Arri, Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Sony, and Nikon cameras and can carry about 10 lbs of gear. The Matrice 600 will cost you $4,600 while the Ronin-MX gimbal comes in at $1600, or you can get them bundled for $6,000. Check out a preview video of the new drone along with the gimbal below: