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A 9 year old Wedding Photographer, Starting from scratch on YouTube, a 10mp Toothbrush: RAWtalk 186

First things first, a 9-year-old is coming for your wedding photography jobs so watch out. Starts at 16:16.

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I had a college student by the name of Alex Cooper on this week for a discussion / brain dump on starting from scratch on YouTube. Though this is not really photography related, it’s building your brand related which is just as important. Alex has the skill set to not only shoot but edit her own videos and was looking to me for guidance on where to start. I would like you to listen to this interview and take the information and fill in the blank with whatever type of direction you would like to go online.

NO SHOW NEXT WEEK as June is pretty much a vacation month for most of us here.

We have Stephen’s Photo News, Wheel of FRO and MEME’s so enjoy the show.

00:00:16 – Show Start
00:00:17 – Jared’s Grimes Concert Experience
00:03:05 – No Show Next Week!
00:04:34 – We’re Going to Photokina
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00:14:19 – Don’t Forget About the Video Podcast on iTunes
00:14:28 – Allen’s Canon-Ball Reminder
00:14:45 – Jared’s Giving Away a Canon Printer
00:16:16 – Photo News
00:20:15 – Todd Makes it Rain
00:21:35 – Editing GoPro Footage
00:34:23 – Phone a Friend: Jared’s Dad
00:46:40 – Alex Cooper Interview
01:17:07 – We Have an Extra Microphone…
01:18:17 – No Gear of the Week: Woopsie
01:19:30 – Wheel of Fro
01:25:22 – This Week’s Memes/Songs
01:32:38 – Spin That Wheel!

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Jimmy Chin Climbs One World Trade Center Spire to Photograph NYC

Photographer Jimmy Chin climbed to the top of One World Trade Center’s Spire for the New York Times’ recent New York Issue! In a new 360-degree video, you follow the Nat Geo photographer from the ground up, to take photos of New York City. In the video below, Chin relates the skyline to a mountain range: “Whenever you’re in New York, it’s like going to a mountain range. As a climber, your eye is drawn towards the biggest, most beautiful mountain in the range. And in the Manhattan skyline, that mountain is the World Trade Center.” Also, is his camera not tethered to anything?! (via LS)

GoPro Introduces Their Own Insurance: GoPro Care

GoPro has introduced GoPro Care, their new accidental coverage plan. With the tagline, “you break it. we’ll replace it,” the coverage can be purchased starting at $39, which will cover you for two years. Not bad right? There’s more… It covers accidental damage in general, which includes not only damage to your camera but also mounts and accessories. The plan also includes “rapid camera replacement, premium customer support and expert go pro consulting.” However, it doesn’t cover lost or stolen cameras, and it has to be added within 60 days of your camera purchase. Price wise, it’ll cost you $39 to cover your GoPro Session, $79 for the Hero 4 Silver and $99 for a Hero 4 Black edition. Don’t forget about the fine print: they charge an additional “claim service fee” of $79 if they do end up replacing your camera, and will limit the insurance to only two camera replacements max. Head here to check out the official GoPro Care page and check out an introductory video of the new service below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.33.19 PM

This 9-Yr-Old Wedding Photographer is Here to Take Your Clients

Introducing Regina Wyllie, a 9-yr-old wedding photographer who is now being specifically requested as a 2nd shooter by brides. Regina first started shooting when she was just three years old, when her father upgraded her toy camera to a Canon G9, to help him shoot a mountain bike race. After her dad told her time and time again, “automatic means that the camera is making decisions instead of the photographer,” she eventually insisted on shooting in manual mode with a DSLR by age 7, when she moved up to a Canon 7D and 70-200mm lens. That same year, she came along with her dad on a “trash the dress” shoot, and one of her shots became the face of a ThinkTank advertising campaign. Fast forward to today, she’s now 9 and is her dad’s primary 2nd shooter for weddings where she uses a Fuji X-E1 and X-T1 with a 35mm f/1.4 and 18mm f/2 lens. Check out some of her excellent work here. Kudos for startin’ ‘em young dad! (via FS)

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.36.12 PM

Adobe Introduces New Feature for Lightroom and Camera Raw: Guided Upright

Adobe has unveiled a new feature for Lightroom CC 2015.6 and Camera Raw called “Guided Upright.” The new tool lets you straighten lines in photos to help you manually correct the perspective. Adobe already has the Upright tool, but they note that only works with some images: “Upright works well when there are prominent vertical and horizontal lines,” but “not all images contain prominent lines, limiting the effectiveness of Upright.” The new Guided Upright feature will help “guide” the upright tool to help it work more effectively. With the new option, you simply draw 2-4 vertical and horizontal guide lines onto the image and it does the rest of the work for you with the Upright tool. Check out a demo video of it in action with the one-and-only Julieanne Kost below:

Instagram Begins Officially Rolling Out New Algorithm Feed

Instagram says they have officially began rolling out their new algorithm feed to everyone this week and it should reach all users around the world by the end of the month. They note on their blog why the change is necessary: “On average, people miss 70 percent of their feeds. Over the past few months, we brought this new way of ordering posts to a portion of the community, and we found that people are liking photos more, commenting more and generally engaging with the community in a more active way.” Has it hit your feed yet?

Man Remotely Controls Drone with a Customized Nintendo Power Glove

Some drone news: a man named Nolan Moore has modified his Nintendo Power Glove to control his drone. In the video below, you see him maneuvering his Parrot AR 2.0 drone only with hand gestures. Here’s how he did it: he gutted the internals from the glove, designed two new circuit boards for it, added sensors on the fingers and kept the original input controls, reprogramming it for the drone. The gestures include making a flat palm to have the drone hover, point up or down to go up or down and that’s about it…One day it’ll be everything we imagined… (via Gizmodo)

DJI’s New Follow Focus Can Control Your Drone’s Focus from 3 Miles Away

Speaking of controlling drones, DJI released a new remote follow focus that lets you control your drone camera’s focus and aperture from up to three miles away in the air or 100m away on the ground. Allowing you to do cinematic pulls mid-flight, the DJI Focus is limited to the DJI Inspire 1 with the X5 or X5R cameras, since the consumer DJI drones are limited to infinity focus. The unit itself has a focus wheel with a few buttons and comes paired with the motor drive unit which will fit any standard 15 and 19mm rod-based rig, so you can shoot on the ground like any other follow focus. It’ll cost you $2,000 and it’s available now. Check out a demo video of it in action below:

Rare UNOPENED Leica on eBay Comes Complete with it’s own X Ray

An extremely rare UNOPENED U.S. military Leica is up for auction on eBay for a whopping $45,300. Since it is unopened in a sealed brown paper bag (UPS style), the auction comes complete with an actual x-ray of the box and camera as proof that there is indeed a Leica inside. The model is a Leica KE-7A, which was sold by Leica to the military as a kit in the 80s. The kit contained the camera itself, a 50mm f/2 Elcan lens, a lens hood, the case, a strap, a manual, and cable release. They say the KE-7A was basically an M4 that was specifically produced for the military. If you’re not willing to pay nearly $50,000 for a camera you cant even see, the seller does mention that they’re willing to open the box and inspect the camera if you pay a non-refundable ~$5,700, since opening it will obviously reduce the value of the listing. Would you drop the price of a high-end car for a rare camera? (via LR)


The “World’s First Universal Camera” Will Shoot Digital, Film, Instax & More

A new Kickstarter is claiming to have made “the world’s first universal camera” called the Mercury camera. The modular camera will allow you to swap between large format 4×5, to instant film, to digital full frame, to medium format and more. The campaign notes that it’s an open camera system: “What if you could shoot old Polaroid film, Fuji’s current Instax version, huge medium format negatives, large sheet film, and digital, all with the same camera? What if that camera could take any of the hundreds of amazing professional lenses that have been produced over the past century and longer? What if that camera were light, portable, and inexpensive? And what if it could be easily reconfigured and adapted to do just about anything? Welcome to the Mercury.” The camera back will let you use various adapters and the lens kit will let you use nearly any lens you want. The base configuration of the Mercury camera is 6×7 medium format, “which accepts medium format (120) roll film backs from Graflex, Mamiya, Horseman, and Mercury, as well as sheet film holders.” If you’re interested in getting this modular camera, there are two different models they’re offering: a basic Mercury kit that doesn’t include a back or lens, just the frame and adapters; or a limited “Merc” version that comes with the full package: a lens, a back, trigger, everything you’ll need to shoot right out of the box. The basic kit will run you $120 and the full camera will cost $375 which they note is “extremely limited” to just six. They currently have a working prototype and the campaign goal is $50,000 with three weeks left to go. They’ve already raised $22,000 at the time of writing this article too. Check out their full promo video below which is more like a short film than an informative video: (via PP)

Ouch: $70,000 Camera Snaps Off Steadicam Rig

While demoing a steadicam rig at the Cine Gear Expo, a $70,000 fell to the ground after the steady cam arm snapped off the presenter. The camera, which was pointed out to be the ARRI Alexa XT, fell after the presenter extended the arm a little too far while leaning back to showcase the power of the rig. The anonymous presenter reached out to Petapixel about the incident and stated that what failed was the turn buckle. He goes on to say, “What happened here in this video wasn’t my fault, my movements were not out of the standards of how we move when we’re shooting a music video and making fast push ins or fast pull outs while sorting obstacles and on different rugged terrains.” Check out the video clip of the camera snapping off the rig below. Did it hit the ground? (via PP)

This $400 Toothbrush Takes 10MP Photos & HD Video of Your Teeth

A camera has found its way into a new $400 toothbrush called the Prophix. The toothbrush houses a 10MP camera for capturing images of your teeth and gums while brushing. The tagline reads, “it’s hard to take care of your teeth when you cant see what you’re taking care of.” Paired with an app, it will let you take photos as well as 1080P video to help you keep track of how your teeth are doing. It’s up for preorder now for $299—check out the commercial below if you’re actually interested: (via PP)