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How Watching Our Show Almost Got This Guy FIRED: RAWtalk 190

It’s true, we got an e mail from a reader who watches our show who almost got fired for doing so. 46:23

I ran into someone at the Paul McCartney show who may or may not have been named JOE that I took a snapchat of. We discuss Todd’s passport photo being DENIED and we discuss a very interesting MAIL TIME that almost got a reader followed

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Photo news is packaged with a ton of stories this week. If you ever wanted a tour of Ansel Adams Darkroom there now is one. A DJI Inspire One DRONE was shot out of the sky but no one knows who did it, check out the bullet hole in it. A roll of KODAK film thought to be the only one left was discovered. It’s from 1888 and would have cost $665 in today’s money. All those news stories and more can be found right here in this episode.

Gear of the week brings us the Canon Network Cameras. For total transparency I GET TO KEEP THE CAMERAS Canon sent.

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00:03:18 – Jared’s Paul McCartney Concert Recap
00:07:40 – This Week’s Plug:
00:10:07 – Sugru Client Call
00:12:52 – Todd’s Rejected Passport Photo
00:14:59 – Todd’s Directing ‘Green Piece’
00:16:21 – Photo News
00:39:56 – Gear of the Week: Canon Network Security Cameras
00:47:13 – Mail Time: Dick Pics…
00:49:21 – Flying Solo
01:15:40 – Wheel of Fro
01:18:30 – This Week’s Hashtags

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Tour Ansel Adams’ Custom-Built Darkroom with his Son

Fellow photographers can take a video tour of Ansel Adam’s iconic custom darkroom with his son Michael Adams. The video below is from Marc Silber and is part of his Advancing Your Photography series. The walkthrough comes complete with never-before-seen “flashback” footage of Ansel working away in the studio, while they cut back to it current day. Check out the various tools he used for dodging and burning, his complete print-making setup—which features an enlarger on a motorized dolly track—his 8×10 slide holder, and much more. Take a watch below to see his son talk you through his complete workflow of how his Dad processed his prints. Side note: we need to get Michael on RAWtalk! (via PP)

George Eastman Museum Completes Collection, Aquires Two Unexposed Roll of Kodak Film from 1880s

Going back in time even further, the George Eastman Museum got their hands on two un-exposed rolls of Kodak film from the 1880s, complete in their original packaging and all. One of the rolls is the only known existing roll of Kodak film from 1888, which initially cost $25 back in the day which would equate to about $665 today; whoa. The other roll is one of three existing rolls of Kodak Transparent film which made its debut in 1889. The museum says, “These unopened boxes of film complete the Eastman Museum’s holdings related to the original Kodak camera—adding to its examples of the camera, case, shipping box, and sample images.” Want to see the rolls in person? You can see for yourself at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. Fun fact: Kodak’s slogan at the time was, “You press the button, we do the rest.” (via PP)


Samsung’s New UFS Cards Are 5x Faster than MicroSD

Introducing a new type of micro memory similar to MicroSD called UFS memory cards. Samsung unveiled the new kind of memory this past week, UFS—which stands for Universal Flash Storage. The new memory is based on the JEDEC Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 1.0 Card Extension Standard—whatever that means… Samsung says the cards are 5x faster in read times than the fastest MicroSD cards currently on the market. The new UFS cards will come in capacities ranging from 32-256GB at a read speed of 530MB/s which is on par with today’s SSD drives, and write speeds of up to 170MB/s. Physically, the cards look nearly identical to MicroSD, except with a little shark fin-like cutout at the top. They note that these new cards are specific to photographers too: “With these substantial performance improvements, the new 256GB UFS card significantly reduces multimedia data downloading time, photo thumbnail loading time, and buffer clearing time in burst shooting mode.” However, no camera currently supports this new format just yet, so we’ll see if this will make MicroSD obsolete.


Top Model-Like Reality Show for Photographers Coming to the Web

A new Reality TV-like show similar to ‘Top Model,’ except based around photographers, is coming to the web soon. Hosted by Nigel Barker, the famous English fashion photographer who was also on Top Model, the show— called ‘Top Photographer’—is presented by Adorama and will feature five episodes. the first will go live this November on AdoramaTV. Adorama notes that “Top Photographer is going to pit a few of the best shooters we can find from all around the country with the aim of singling out just one to win the title of Top Photographer. And in a world of photographers, that’s no small feat.” The producers are currently searching for five potential contestants “hoping to become the next ‘It’-photographer in the business.” They say it doesn’t matter if you’re a Dad who shoots with a smartphone or a high-end studio photographer, all can apply through their official website here. Nigel says you should know what you’re doing though: “Obviously technical ability will be assessed but most importantly I will be looking for passion, drive and the illusive ‘eye’ that all top photographers have.” Once chosen, they will shoot for the grand prize, which is a $50,000 photo gear package from Adorama. The gear package includes a packed Canon bundle with a 1DX II, along with an exhibition of their work in NYC with Barker. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:

Master of Photography: American Idol for Photographers

On the other side of the pond, a new actual photography TV show in Europe is about to begin. Called ‘Master of Photography,’ it will feature 12 photographers battling it out for the title of “Best New European Photographer” and a grand prize of €150,000. The show will be similar to ‘American Idol’ where it will have three famous judges: Rut Bless Luxemburg, Oliviero Toscani, and Simon Frederick, along with 10 guest mentors showing up throughout the season which will be other famous photographers. It will span out to 8 different challenges over an 8 week period. The show is presented by Sky Arts and Leica is the official “technical provider” so they’ll all probably be shooting with Leica cameras. The series will make its debut on July 21 and you can watch the trailer below: (via PP)

Furious Man Nearly Runs Photographer Off a Public Road

52-yr-old Mark Wayne Gordon was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon after nearly running over a photographer on a public road in Ramona, California. The photographer, Alex Stone, was photographing a car on a side of a main road, when he was confronted by an angry man in an SUV that claimed that Stone was on his driveway, again—a side of a public road. Well, Stone captured video of the entire incident which you can view below, where you see the man cursing him off and nearly running him over. Gordon was also charged with misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor vandalism. Check out the whole encounter below where it ends by the man knocking Stone’s phone to the ground. Stone tells CBS News 8 that all he wants is for Gordon to pay $200 for his broken phone screen. He goes on to say, “In the past 10 years of shooting cars nothing like this has every happened.” What would you have done in this situation? (via PP)

DJI Drone Shot Out of the Sky

This next story sounds familiar: Toby Harriman was flying his brand new DJI Inspire 1 in Aspen, Colorado this past 4th of July when all of the sudden it was shot out of the sky. Harriman notes that he was flying over a few houses in a rural area when the drone went down. He heard two shots ring out and boom, the drone fell out of the sky. After retrieving the pieces the following day, he noticed a clear bullet hole in the side of the Inspire’s housing. Unfortunately he wasn’t filming, so nothing was caught on camera. However, he did contact the local sheriff and FAA about the incident. He says he was in a “comfort” flying zone but “probably should have stayed clear of the houses.” Check out video of the destroyed drone along with Toby’s full side of the story here. I wonder if he was flying over Meredith’s house… (via RM)

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.25.40 PM

Peak Design Launches Another Successful Kickstarter Campaign for New Bag Lineup

Peak Design have done it again and teamed up with Trey Ratcliff to release yet another line of “Everyday” bags via a new Kickstarter campaign which again, was fully funded in just hours. The campaign is for a total of four new bags: one being a tote bag, another being a small sling, and two different sized backpacks. The sling is basically a miniature version of their popular Everyday Messenger bag, where the tote is for the person who likes classic bags but needs added protection for their gear. The backpacks come in two different sizes: 20L and 30L models. They note that these are for the gearhead who needs everything on them at all times. Each bag comes in two different colors too: charcoal and Ash, which have different colored accents and trims as well. Price wise, the sling will go for $125 and the tote will cost you $155, while the 20L bag will be $199 followed by $229 for the 30L version. The campaign already raised $1,450,000 at the time of writing this article with the initial goal of $500K—and it still has FIVE weeks to go! Check out the full promo video below and the campaign here if you wish to get your own Everyday bag.

Sony Releases Full Frame 50mm Lens

Sony has finally done it, they released their own FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA lens. The full frame lens is weather sealed and features a “declicked” aperture ring, 11-blade aperture and Zeiss T* lens coating. It’s available for pre-order for $1498 and expected to ship later this month. No more Metabones adapters for you Sony shooters wish to shoot full frame 50mm!


New Web App Automatically Hashtags Your Photos

A new tool by Reddit user Nick Smith helps you automatically figure out what hashtags are best for your photo on Instagram based on subject matter and location. Called Dehaze (not to be confused with the Lightroom and Photoshop tool!), the web app works by asking what type of photo you’ve taken—whether it be macro, portrait, etc—and where it was taken. However, it’s extremely limited right now to only a few major cities and types of images, with preset hashtags. I do think this has potential, but it’s definitely not there yet. With currently only in its Beta stage, we’ll see where it goes… (via Reddit)

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.32.20 PM