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DJI Mavic, Instagram lets you save drafts and my Snapchat Glasses??: FroKnowPhoto RAWtalk 199

Hello DJI Mavic, Instagram lets you save drafts and my NEW Neighbors moved in: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 199

We are back from Germany and back at the loft for the 199th episode of the show. To be honest, we are nearing our final RAWtalks from the loft as we hope to be in the FroFactory before the end of the year.

This weeks show is brought to you by RODE and there NEW i-XLR Digital XLR adapter for Apple iOS devices. It’s cool, i’ve seen it in action, check it out right here.

Allen’s Nikon-A-Palooze is on Saturday October 8th from 10-4pm are you going to make it? The address is 4401 New Falls Road Levittown PA.

Not al to of photo news this week but we discuss the DJI Mavic, Instagram allowing you to make drafts and a few other stories in this weeks Photo News.

I can not stress how much we appreciate all of your continued support for the show and everything we do, thank you!!!!

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00:16:10 Photo News
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00:47:30 Gear of the Week
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01:15:51 Memes of the Week

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

DJI’s New Mavic PRO Drone Can Fit In Your Pocket

DJI released their own foldable portable drone, called the Mavic PRO. The new drone is so small when folded up that DJI says it’s as small as a bottle of water. Spec wise, the Mavic comes with DJI’s latest 4K camera and smallest 3-axis gimbal thus far. It has 27 minutes of flight time, and a 4.3 mile range. It also borrows everything from the phantom 4 like Activetrack, Tapfly, Obstacle Avoidance, Sport Mode, Automatic Landing, and more. By comparison, the GoPro Karma has a max 20 minutes of flight time with only about a 1/2 mile range. The Mavic also has a new FlightAutonomy system, for better autonomous flying. Similar to the Karma, it has a gaming-like remote which attaches to your smartphone. It has a built-in LCD screen and a new OcuSync video link system which can receive a 1080P live view from the drone. To go along with the remote, they also announced a new POV headset called DJI Goggles which gives you an 85-degree field-of-view in full HD. you can also use your own phone and connect via wifi to control the drone as a virtual remote. The drone can also be controlled via gestures: you can simply throw a hand gesture up to shoot a selfie and have it perform other functions. It’ll be available on Oct. 15 for $999. In the meantime, check out the full introduction video showcasing the drone and its features below:

Instagram Finally Lets You Save Drafts For Later

Instragram now finally lets users save posts as a draft. Users will now have the option of saving a draft or discarding the post once they write in a caption on a photo and go back in the app, where before it would simply just cancel the post. Once saved, when users go to do a new post, it will pop up under drafts on top of your camera roll. The new update is now live for both iOS and Android.

500px’s New Mobile App Lets Users Shoot RAW, Edit & License Photos

Speaking of mobile apps, 500px’s new RAW app lets photographers shoot, edit and even license RAW photos right on your smartphone. The built-in RAW editor lets you do the standard RAW edits like adjusting contrast, exposure, etc and also offers more advanced functions like tweaking hue, saturation, color luminance and more. The app also has built-in presets, similar to Instagram, and users can even save their own custom presets. Licensing your finished photos is easy too they say, the app offers built in model releases that you can attach to your licensed photos and they’ll even be launching an on-demand service soon in the app which will notify you when a photo assignment has been assigned near your location. You can download it now in the App Store. (via PP)


Are Snapchat’s Spectacles The New Google Glass?

Another mobile company is branching out: Snapchat, unveiled new camera sunglasses that they’re calling Snapchat Spectacles. Snap Inc, the new company name, says “Imagine one of your favorite memories. What if you could go back and see that memory the way you experienced it? That’s why we built Spectacles.” Similar to Google Glass, the sunnies have an integrated video camera. Users simply press on the hinge of the glasses to start recording a 10-second snap. Then, lights on the glasses showcase that a recording is in progress, for privacy reasons. The finished clip is then breamed to your smartphone’s Snapchat app via bluetooth or WiFi and shows up in a circular video format. However, it’s displayed full screen, in either portrait or landscape orientation because of the center crop. Battery life isn’t the best with the sunglasses being able to capture a days worth of snaps before dying. The specs will be available soon in a limited batch in three different colors for $130 each. It comes in black, red and turquoise. Check out video of the Spectacles below:

2800 Photographers Team Up and Light Up The Kodak Tower with Flashes

RIT held their 32nd annual Big Shot nighttime photo project at the Kodak Tower recently, where, with the help of 2800 volunteers, they lit up the 19-story skyscraper by just using speed lights, strobes and flashlights. On Sept. 18, the crowd gathered around Kodak Tower around 8PM, pointing every light source they have at the tower and lit it up while photographers shot the building in digital format, 35mm film, wet plate, large format and more. Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the building being lit below along with a POV video from inside the building looking down at the volunteers. Talk about a “flash” mob… (via PP)


Probe or New Macro Lens?

Venus Optics released a very odd looking macro lens: the Laowa 24mm f/14 2x macro lens. The barrel lens is long and thin, measuring nearly 2 feet long. The long lens lets you photograph “shy” subjects, so it allows the photographer to be at a distance while they get up close and personal to the subject with the long-end of the lens. Available in both Nikon and Canon mounts, no word on when it will be released or for how much just yet… (via ePhotozine)


Yahoo Hacked, Change Your Flickr Passwords Now!

Flickr has officially been hacked. The data breach acquired over 500 million users account information according to Yahoo. Yahoo says, “The account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.” The breach took place in late 2014, but for some reason were just hearing about it now. Make sure to change your Flickr password if you haven’t already! (via reCode)


Hillary and the Selfie Generation

The latest viral photo to come out of the Hillary Clinton campaign features the “selfie generation,” with everyone in the crowd taking a selfie with the presidential candidate. The image was captured during an event in Orlando last week, where Hillary suggested a group selfie. The crowd then turned their backs on her and proceeded to all take a selfie with her. The moment was captured by her official campaign photographer Barbara Kinney, who was also Bill Clinton’s White House photographer. She calls it “selfies gone wild.” (via PP)


Tom Hanks Crashes Wedding Photoshoot For His Own Selfie

Speaking of selfies, Tom Hanks crashed a newlyweds formal wedding shoot in Central Park while he was out for his morning jog. Photographer Meg Miller was in the middle of shooting the bride and groom, Elizabeth and Ryan, when Hanks stopped by to say hi. Captured in both still and video form, Hanks wished the couple luck and even took his own selfie with the newlyweds. Joking with the couple, Hanks says “you know, I am an ordained minister, if the guy cancels just let me know.” Check out the full encounter below and the photos here: (via PP)

State Rep Who Sponsored Bill on the Right To Film Police Was Arrested For Filming Police

An Arkansas State Representative who sponsored a bill protecting the Right to Film Police was ironically arrested while filming the police…In the late morning on Sept. 26, officers initiated a routine traffic stop of a car without a license plate. Both the passenger and driver ended up having warrants out for their arrest. Nearby, Representative John Walker and civil rights attorney Omavi Kushukuru began to film the arrest. The suspect under arrest asked why he was filming when the representative responded with, “I’m just making sure they don’t kill you.” According to the police report, they then allegedly began to step in closer and closer and continue to film, as close as between the patrol car and suspect’s car bumper, ignoring commands to leave the area. They then arrested the attorney, and told Walker to leave. He then replied “arrest me” and was taken into custody and charged with “obstructing governmental operations.” Check out the full police report here; no word from the representative about his side of the story just yet. Who was at fault here? (via FS)