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Should u have to #ASKFIRST before taking photos in public? LEGOS Are Cool FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 200

First things first I must mention this is episode #200!!!! Yes that accounts for a span of four years worth of episodes which is pure insanity. We could not have done it without all you guys watching and interacting with the show. This show would also not be possible without Stephen who somewhere around episode 37 took the reigns on audio and quickly found himself editing and producing the show. The show would not be where it is today if Stephen didn’t take so much pride in it.

The biggest news story of the week can be found at 28:12 of this weeks show and its about #AskFirst before you take photos. Should you have to ask first if you’re in public or should you be able to just shoot? What do you guys think?

Gear of the week brought us the NEW GoPro Hero5 which based off of this weeks show we just may need to tweak some settings on.

We have Flying Solo, Wheel of Fro and finally the MEMES. If you would like to send in your meme’s please send them to and maybe we will showcase yours.

Again we could not do this show without you so here is a BIG THANK YOU!!!!

00:00:20 Poke Philly
00:01:48 200 Episodes…not special
00:06:34 Jared’s College Fashion Shoot!
00:11:24 Photo News
00:11:26 Photo Shop Robbed
00:12:55 Fro Factory Security
00:16:55 Print Photos with Crowns?
00:20:21 Nerf Football GoPro Mount
00:20:59 Meredith Checks In
00:25:54 How Big Things Really Are
00:26:50 Upside Down While Underwater Photos
00:28:10 ASK FIRST! then a rant
00:34:45 A Photographer dances the Mamba, not really
00:38:00 Google’s First Smart Phone
00:40:29 A Camera for Kids…and Todd
00:41:40 Stephens Secret Hobby
00:45:15 Gear of the Week
00:47:42 Flying Solo
00:54:05 What it takes to work for Jared
01:16:02 Wheel of Fro
01:19:15 Memes of the Week
01:23:06 Hashtags of the Week