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The TRUE and Fascinating Story Behind the "Gary Fong Dome" (Interview): FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 204

As you know, I love doing interviews. When Gary Fong let me know he was going to be in Philly for a few days I invited him over to the loft to get on the show. I got to learn about how he got his start as well as come up with the Fong Dome. The interview starts at 3:56.

I want to remind you this episode was filmed the same day as episode 203 back on November 2nd.

00:00:16 Todd’s New Toy and Task
00:01:39 Why is this RAWTalk different?
00:02:31 Let me see that Fong!!!
00:03:56 Interview with Gary Fong
00:46:12 Gary Fong Interview Wrap-Up
00:48:16 Gear of the Week
00:51:05 Flying Solo
01:26:40 Wheel of Fro
01:30:42 Hash Tags of the Week