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A Custom FRO Hockey Jersey, A COKE Selfie Bottle, Elton John LOVES Photos: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 206

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00:16 I went to a freak show…
02:23 “Brought to you by YOU!”
04:54 Black Froday Sale
07:26 Holiday Gifts for Stephen and Todd
09:28 You want a Fro Jersey?
10:45 Photo News
11:02 Hitachi Lensless Camera
12:20 Casey Neistat Ends Daily Vlogs
14:27 Elton John’s Photo Collection
18:04 Photographer Becomes Detective
19:06 Special Edition Polaroid
20:28 Google App Enhances Low-Res Photos
22:55 Time Mags 100 Most Influential Images
24:25 Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle
26:25 Richard Prince and Another Law Suit
27:28 Meredith Checks In
28:40 Multiple Gears of the Week
32:57 Flying Solo
57:46 Wheel of Fro
1:01:32 Memes of the Week
1:05:31 Hashtags of the Week

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Introducing Hitachi’s Lytro-Like Lensless Camera

Hitachi has announced the development of a lensless camera that uses moire fringing and math instead of a traditional lens to capture photos. This new method also lets users focus after the shot is taken—similar to Lytro—by capturing depth information at the same time. The main difference here is that this new tech is incredibly compact vs Lytro’s cameras. Here’s the science behind it: “the pattern casts a shadow onto the sensor during image capture, which is then compared to a second, similar pattern that is superimposed onto the image during processing. The difference between those two creates Moiré fringes that can be analyzed to determine the incident angle of light.” The company plans on bringing this to market in early 2018. It will most likely be used in smartphones. (via PP)


Casey Neistat Ends His Daily Vlog

Casey Neistat has officially ended his daily vlog. After nearly 18 months of straight vlogging and almost 600 episodes later, the YouTuber has stated that he needs to move forward onto the next thing that pushes him creatively. He notes in his last 10-minute vlog (seen below) that he initially started the vlog as a way to challenge himself and he would keep it up until he got bored. Well, that day has finally come…

Elton John’s Insane Photo Collection

Take a step inside Elton John’s insane photo collection in a new behind-the-scenes video. Ever since becoming sober in 1990, he has acquired over 8000 prints, making him have one of the biggest private photography collections. His collection includes work by over 70 photographers including iconic names like Irving Penn, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, and more, with prints dating all the way back to 1917. One of the rarest prints he owns is the original contact sheet of “the underwater swimmer” by André Kertész which was taken back in 1917. He has so many prints that he had to buy an entire apartment just to hang them all in his 18,000 square-foot apartment in Atlanta, Georgia. The best part? He says he didn’t need the space, just a place to hang all of his prints… Elton says, “I love surrounding myself with these beautiful images, it’s my favorite art form in the whole world.” Currently, 190 of those prints are on display at an exhibition called “The Radical Eye” at Tate Modern in London. Check out the full personal tour video below: (via FS)

Photographer Recreates Portraits That He Shot 40 Years Ago

A photographer took on a tough photo project of his own: he tracked down strangers that he photographed 40 years ago and recreated the original portraits today. Street photographer Chris Porsz is appropriately calling the project “reunions,” noting that it’s a “fascinating collection of life stories and a valuable social record of a constantly changing city.” Pores says some of the people were easy to track down while others required him to play detective and track them down the hard way. He recreated everything from the exact posing, to the location, to even the props in the original image. All of the photos are available now as a photo book that he’s selling for around £12 in the UK or £32 internationally. Check out the full project here. (via PP)


Photos by Chris Porsz

MiNT Announces Special Edition SX-70 with Manual Controls

Another recreation: MiNT is now offering a modified special edition Polaroid SX-70 that they pimped out to give you greater manual control. Calling their version the SLR670-S Noir, the special edition camera was built to celebrate the company reaching 10,000 sales of their re-imagined original SX-70, the SLR670. The camera comes complete with a brand new motherboard and “electric eye” with manual shutter controls for up to 1/2000th of a second shutter. It also comes with two auto modes—one for low and one for high ISO film. The refurbished models aren’t cheap though, they come in at $675 a pop. (via DT)


Google’s New Tech Upscales & Enhances Low-Res Photos Intelligently

Google researchers are working on a new type of technology that will help upscale, enhance and sharpen low-res photos. Their new software called RAISR—which stands for Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution—uses machine learning for intelligent upscaling of low-res images on the web. They say the new system has been trained on thousands of pairs of low and high-res images so it knows exactly how and where to add in extra data in the “pixel neighborhood” without losing detail. Google says, “When these filters are applied to the lower quality image, they recreate details that are of comparable quality to the original high resolution, and offer a significant improvement to linear, bicubic, or Lanczos interpolation methods.” They note that their new technique is also capable of avoiding aliasing artifacts that exist in most low-res photos. Google notes that this technology could one day be used to improved digital “pinch to zoom” as well as the ability to send low-res files quickly across the web with the recipient being able to “enhance” them later with their new tech. Is this a gamechanger? (via PP)


TIME’s “100 Most Influential Images of All Time”

TIME has unveiled their list of the “100 Most Influential Images of All Time.” It’s not just another list either, the new project has a dedicated website, where users can click on one of the 100 images, get a brief history lesson on it, and even watch a short documentary about that particular iconic photo. TIME says, “Some images are on our list because they were the first of their kind, others because they shaped the way we think. And some made the cut because they directly changed the way we live. What all 100 share is that they are turning points in our human experience.” There’s incredible photos like Tank Man, Muhammad Ali knocking out Sonny Liston, the Migrant Mother and more, but then there’s the Ellen selfie photo… They’re offering a companion book to go along with the project as well for $24.95.

Coca-Cola Introduces the “World’s First Selfie Bottle”

Coca-Cola has made the “world’s first selfie bottle.” Created by advertising agency Gefen Team for Coke Israel’s Summer Love event, the new gizmo is basically a camera, gyroscope and charging port all built into a base-like stand for a Coke bottle. Every time the camera is tilted 70-degrees when the person is drinking, an image is taken. The ad agency claims users are more active during events with the new camera and that “they can share their special moments just by drinking” Coke. Genius promotion or ridiculous? (via Engadget)


Richard Prince Is In Another Lawsuit Over Copyright Infringement

Artist Richard Prince is once again in another lawsuit, marking it his fifth lawsuit over copyright infringement. Just like his prior lawsuits, it’s over another Instagram image, this time being a photo of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon that he “reimagined.” Photographer Eric McNatt took the original photo of Gordon back in 2014. His photo assistant notes that the creative team wasn’t paid for their efforts in the shoot so what makes this even more frustrating is the fact that Prince is monetizing off their unpaid shoot. What doesn’t help either, is the fact the Kim Gordon herself posted an Instagram image of her holding up Prince’s “reimagined” work and thanking him for it. Prince’s legal team has fired back with their own statement saying that McNatt’s “complaint fundamentally misunderstands the case law on fair use and how the exemption from the monopoly of rights granted under the copyright statute applies.” Will Prince win another lawsuit? (via PF)