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FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 220: How does a Photographer have $20,000 in gear stolen from above his head?

Discussion about stolen gear starts at 25:39

Welcome to the 220th episode of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk, the best dam Photo related podcast in the whole wide world as voted by Stephen, Todd, Sanchez and I.

This week we discuss voting, how not to handle a business call and much more. We hit on the most popular Photo News Topics of the week as well as dive into some flying solo questions.

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00:00:16 Who Voted?
00:01:23 Sonos Photo
00:04:29 Photo News Fix Update
00:05:51 Gear of the Week
00:07:45 Photo News Starts With Impossible Polaroid?
00:05:52 FilmLab App
00:21:58 Wrong Couple
00:25:39 Boxed In By The Elderly
00:34:00 Firefly Photo Pit
00:40:19 When To Post
00:41:31 More Instagram Snapchat Features
00:42:04 Flying Solo
00:56:48 Wheel of Fro
00:59:15 Memes of the Week
01:02:42 Hashtags of the Week