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RAWtalk 221: Stephen is Leaving? Meredith Checks in and a $15,000 Lesson in Stolen Gear

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Welcome to the latest episode of RAWtalk, the internets greatest photography show with guys named Jared, Stephen and Todd. If you’re worried that Stephen is leaving for good, don’t be, he explains where he’s going at 7:09 of the show.

We catch you up on the news of the week, Gear of the week, Flying Solo, the Wheel of Fro and good old memes.

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00:00:16 We’re Vlogging
00:03:10 I went to Todd’s House
00:03:36 My Editing Job
00:07:09 Stephen is Leaving?
00:10:18 Photo News
00:10:35 Tiny Toy Drone aka Spark
00:17:33 You Don’t Have To Register It?
00:20:56 Meredith Checks In
00:21:55 Photokina More Often?
00:23:00 Fine With The Rhine
00:26:13 Pete Souza and President Underwood
00:27:40 Sony Completes Their Trinity
00:31:27 More News
00:33:42 Nikon Releases 3 New Wide Angle Lenses
00:38:17 He Thought He Was Insured
00:44:30 Flying Solo
00:51:50 Gear of the Week
00:54:05 Wheel of Fro
00:56:50 Memes of the Week
01:01:43 Hashtags of the Week