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I'm Tired Of "FAKE" Photo News Like This Being Spread: RAWtalk 222

The “FAKE” Photo News story i’m talking about starts at 42:30 of this episode.

I saw the story, I was sent the story by numerous people and I chose not to comment on it. It was so clearly fake that I didn’t want to discuss it. But, since so many people wanted to hear my take and Stephen brought it up, I discussed it.

RAWtalk is evolving, the channel is evolving and we need to make a few decisions in regards to the future of RAWtalk. We love the discussions but I can not see spending the man power to edit and make each episode in it’s current form.

00:00:16 Who Rang the Door Bell? Who Broke the Building?
00:02:23 Stephens Disney ReCap
00:02:55 Micky and Goofy Call In
00:07:23 Your Favorite Mermaid and LaFoo Sent It
00:10:25 Stephen Came Bearing Gifts
00:12:28 Operation Green Piece Aerial B-Roll
00:14:36 Welcome Back, Now Shoot The Mega Big Show…Alone
00:20:26 A Discussion and Question For YOU About RAWTalk
00:25:58 While Were In Disney, I Made New Content
00:28:28 Photo News At Starts At 6 Mile
00:32:12 Danny Clinch Takes on Urban Outfitters and Forever 21
00:34:11 The Most Powerful Mac Ever…for $17,000 bucks?
00:39:00 JPEG Just Got In A Fight, and Not With Me!
00:42:30 The Story That Broke The Jared’s Back
00:46:14 Gear of the Week
00:48:44 Flying Solo
01:07:36 Wheel of Fro
01:10:37 Memes of the Week
01:15:15 An Attempt At Hashtags of the Week

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