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SONY a9, Canon 6D Mark II, LEXAR discussion and Video is Here to STAY: RAWtalk 223

Last show when we discussed not doing video a ton of you guys wrote in and said don’t get rid of video. To clear that discussion up, I was never planning on doing away with the video, just cutting down on how many angles.

The goal is to be able to live edit the show so pretty much right after we finish recording it could be good to go out into the world. We are testing a bunch of different solutions and we will see what we end up with soon.

Thank you guys for your continued support as the show evolves and takes on a new life. In this episode we discuss all the Real World Reviews we were able to film, LEXAR being shut down, the Sony a9 and much more.

00:16 Audio Only
02:08 New Wheel of Fro Rules
03:31 I Like Podcasts
06:28 What’s On the Android?
10:55 Coming Up Next…
11:21 RWR Sigma 135mm
12:33 RWR Nikon 8-15 FishEye
13:25 RWR Sigma 100-400mm
15:55 RWR Sony A9 and Gear of the Week
22:23 Photo News Begins With the 6D Mark 2
31:42 Lexar!!!!!! Don’t Go!
39:41 Memes of the Week
41:36 Todd’s Wife as Wonder Woman
44:00 Wheel of Fro
47:52 Almost On The News