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RAWtalk 224: This Photographer Makes A Living Shooting NAKED WOMEN

On this episode I interview photography Corwin Prescott who makes a living shooting nude photos of woman, men and couples. A quick heads up, if you go to his website the photos are NSFW, you’ve been warned The interview starts at 15:20

What I loved about Corwin is how you can tell he does this for the art of it. Where as many other so called “nude” photographers are simply out there to get girls naked and have sub par images. Corwin’s images are fantastic any way you slice them.

We talk about the trip we were about to have and what we plan on doing with Todds lens while away.

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00:16 A Very Clickable Title
01:31 Todd Showing His Sexy Self
03:48 Where Did We Just Go?
05:26 Operation FIX Todd’s Lens
07:18 And Todd Is Back
08:20 MyGearVault ON ANDROID!!!
09:58 Fro Knows Photography Podcasts
13:06 This New Show Sucked Me In
15:20 Interview With Corwin Prescott
18:05 Is Photography School Needed?
22:08 Can You Make $$$ Shooting Nude Erotica?
24:19 How Do You Find Models To Do “That”???
28:43 Who Pays You?
30:51 How Do You NOT Get Flagged By Instagram?
35:08 What Do Models Ask Of A Photographer?
39:02 How Did You Figure Out How To Connect All of the Dots?
41:57 What Do You Charge For A Shoot?
43:37 How Much Did You Spend On Your Kickstarter
45:51 Closing Remarks
47:59 Talking Corwin Prescott
54:14 Fro Knows Nudes