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Is ADOBE CRAZY, Vlogging Camera Wish List and FRO Goes To DC: RAWtalk #230

Hey everyone, Jared here to let you know I was clearly upset about the stream not working properly. I understand this is an issue that happens with the Live set up from time to time. Yes, I could handle it much better and most times I do but yesterday wasn’t one of those. You saw truly RAW, i’m not happy about how it comes off but I understand it and have to manage that better when it does happen. One way could be not going live until i’ve calmed down or just rolling with it better. Rolling with it better is what I am able to do most times but again, that didn’t happen this time around. No excuses, just need to do a better job next time and go from there.

Is ADOBE CRAZY, Vlogging Camera Wish List and Fro Goes To DC: RAWtalk 230

Welcome to RAWtalk Episode #230 where we are going LIVE to discuss all things all things.

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