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CANON To Add Touch ID? KodakCoin Is Still DUMB! & More | RAWtalk 237

Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 237. This week we talk about changes we’ve made since last episode, and how we built a new FroKnowsPhoto store set! Meanwhile, we put a FKP time capsule in our brick wall at the Fro Factory! Stephen then chats about his experience photographing Dashboard Confessional and The Struts and has pictures in focus to prove it! We then dive deep into Photo News with stories including a new Fuji vlogging camera, how Canon is copying Apple’s TouchID, Reuters getting banned from the Olympics, Adobe to finally make Lightroom “fast” and how KodakCoin still exists. We have some cool new filters from PolarPro for Gear of the Week and finally, we get to your questions during Flying Solo. Enjoy!

00:00:16 – Intro
00:01:20 – More Changes to the RAWtalk Set!
00:02:05 – Introducing the DanCam!
00:02:52 – Ask us Questions!
00:04:35 – Nikon Hooked Us Up!
00:05:42 – Fro Factory Maintenance Update
00:06:45 – The FroKnowsPhoto Time Capsule
00:08:12 – Welcome to the FroKnowsPhoto Camera Store Set!
00:11:52 – Introducing the DailyFRO Podcast
00:15:25 – Stephen’s WinterJawn Photos
00:21:20 – Dave Leno Calls In!!!
00:24:28 – Photo News
00:24:29 – Canon Copying Apple’s TouchID Tech?
00:27:19 – Reuters BANNED From the Olympics
00:32:05 – KODAKCoin is Still Alive
00:37:25 – Fuji’s New X-A5 Camera
00:40:15 – #DanLivesMatter
00:41:00 – Fuji Buys Majority Ownership in Xerox
00:42:21 – Lightroom Promises Speed Improvements
00:46:14 – Gary V’s New Crushing It Book
00:48:05 – Gear of the Week: PolarPro Filters
00:52:02 – Flying Solo Live Q&A
00:57:14 – Jared’s Joby Mobile Kit
01:08:00 – Outro

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