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KEN ROCKWELL My NEW Best Friend: RAWtalk 241

Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 241! This week we discuss how Sony invited us out to try out the a7 III in Vegas and our time at WPPI. We then jump into the various shoots that Sony had lined up for us including an epic rainfall photoshoot, a Madmen style shoot, dune buggies and our helicopter photo flight to the Hoover Dam! Jared somehow became BFFs with Ken Rockwell during the trip as well. Meanwhile, we discuss photo news this week including Sigma’s new lenses and their new Sony Art lineup, Tiffen’s new gas monopod, Canon’s new M50 that shoots 4K along with their weird but awesome new automatic bounce flash. And finally, we wrap up the news with our a7 III discussion. Gear of the week this week were the ProGrade Digital memory cards that we used all week during the Sony event. We then wrap up the show with another Flying Solo questions & answers segment. Thanks for watching!

00:00:17 – There’s a Bomb Cyclone!
00:04:01 – Sony Called Us!
00:05:37 – WPPI Didn’t Call, But We Went Anyway…
00:07:27 – Sony Hooked Us Up with the a7 III: “Madmen” Shoot
00:08:35 – Rain Photo Shoot with the a7 III
00:17:39 – How We Broke a Sony a7 III Sensor in 10 Minutes…
00:18:58 – Dune Buggies / “Mad Max” Shoot
00:22:59 – We Met Ken Rockwell!
00:23:47 – Helicopter / Hoover Dam Shoot
00:27:50 – We’re BFF’s with Ken Rockwell
00:32:35 – Who Else Was at the Sony Event?
00:34:33 – How We Did the FIX “Travel Edition”…Parrot Teleprompter
00:38:00 – Photo News!
00:39:45 – Bokeh Master, Master, Sigma 105mm f/1.4 Art Lens
00:42:55 – Sigma 70mm Macro f/2.8 Lens
00:43:55 – Sigma Releases Prime Lenses with Sony Mount
00:48:56 – Tiffen Steadicam Air…a Gas-Activated Monopod
00:51:00 – New Canon 4K Mirrorless Camera: the M50
00:56:10 – Auto Bounce Flash: Canon’s New 470EX-AI Flash
00:58:07 – Sony Announces the a7 III
01:02:24 – Gear of the Week: ProGrade Digital
01:05:30 – Flying Solo Q&A