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Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 242! This week we start off by recapping our recent Philly Zoo and Eagles Parade vlogs. Jared for some reason wears a suit to the show too…Meanwhile we get to Photo News where we discuss everything from a ridiculous photoshoot in public, to awesome landscape shots lit with a drone to another epic Von Wong photoshoot. We then kick off our group discussion with what Nikon and Canon need to do next with their rumored full frame mirrorless cameras to stay afloat. And we wrap up the discussion with how Sony is killing it in the mirrorless world and our perfect dream camera. And finally, we wrap up the show with another Flying Solo questions & answers segment. Thanks for watching!

00:00:17 – Wait, Are We Live?
00:02:06 – Fro In a Little Coat
00:05:36 – The Zoo Vlog Was NOT a Review
00:07:08 – Why Is Jared Wearing A Suit?
00:09:21 – Eagles Parade Video Recap
00:14:58 – How We Created Our A7 III Review Lighting
00:19:28 – Photo News
00:20:26 – Photographers Plead Guilty “Rough” Photoshoot In Public
00:21:51 – Jared’s Dad Checks In…Again
00:25:36 – Halo Landscapes Shot with a Drone
00:27:39 – Von Wong’s E-Waste Project
00:31:22 – Nikon and Canon Go Mirrorless?
00:36:08 – Gear of the Week: Sony’s Refreshed Lineup of a7 Cameras
00:37:55 – Discussion: Is Sony the KING of Mirrorless?
00:53:53 – Our Wishlist For a Nikon/Canon Mirrorless Full Frame Camera
01:05:54 – Flying Solo Q&A