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RAWtalk Episode #053: Don't Leave Us Hanging

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Stephen was in Vegas and I was in Seattle so we had to record this weeks RAWtalk about two weeks early. The reason we did this is we didn’t want to leave you hanging without an episode.

Since we recorded early there wont be any photo news but if I am being honest I really enjoyed the banter throughout the entire episode. Thought we didn’t have news I think it flows really reall well.

Oh yea we had a special guest in the studio this week, Mr Sam Green!!!! For those who don’t know who Sam is you will hear his story during this weeks conversation.

Being that we had some extra time I also included a flying solo portion to answer as many questions as possible.

My favotite part of this week is when I was asked to sing a Limp Bizket song. All I can say is you’ve gotta have FAITH!!!!!!

Enjoy this weeks episode.

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