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Who Doesn't LOVE Tattooed Brides: RAWtalk Episode #071

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Talk about exploiting a niche to it’s fullest. That is exactly what our guest Mike Allebach has done in the wedding industry with Tattooed Brides.

You have to listen to Mike speak about why and how he built his very successful wedding photography business around alternative weddings most notably weddings featuring Tattoos.

If you can find a niche and exploit it you can find yourself on top of an industry. People are always asking what can I do to stand out in this very crowded industry. Well, you can find out by listening to this weeks guest.

There will be no photo news this week as both Stephen and I spent most of the week out of town. We recorded the podcast earlier than normal to make sure we did not leave you guys hanging.

Postman Fro did make another stop at my place to bring me some fancy new lights to test out from F and V lighting. He also brought me a nice white box with my NEW 27 inch iMac!!!

We dive into Stephens fun day of shooting a concert outdoors in the snow as well as discuss my trip to LA to photograph Matisyahu.

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Oh, and here’s the Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial we spoke about during RAWtalk. Let us know what you think about it!