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SPECIAL EDITION RAWtalk - The 100 Episodes Recap Show

Click Here to download this weeks episode as an MP3

100 Episodes of anything is a pretty monumental feat. Now I know not everyone has heard the early days of RAWtalk, the days when I used to throw poker chips across the table to award points for solid comments or statements. That honestly did not last to long because I always forgot to give them out until the very end.

Fro reader Doug Peters asked if he could compile episodes 1-100 with funny moments, solid tips and all around RAWness. I said sure, go for it. The results are two hours of a compilation of moments from the first 100 episodes of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk.

I hope you enjoy the look back and don’t forget you can download each episode of RAWtalk as an Mp3 going all the way back to Episode #001. The Video portion did not start until somewhere around Episode #17 where we used one gopro angle.

You will also notice how the audio quality of the show continued to get better and better when Stephen Eckert joined the team. I have to say a HUGE than you to him for taking the initiative to take this show to places I could not have taken it on my own.

Thank you to everyone out there who has listened, comments, submitted questions or just enjoyed!!!