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SINAI - The American Dream

This video was shot to show off the Nikon D7000’s capabilities and turned into a nice gift video for the band.

The story of how this project came about is I asked Nikon if they would like me to document a band going to SXSW. They thought it would be a great opportunity to let us use the D7000’s to document the tour. The band loved the idea and allowed us all the access in the world to test out these cameras.

The idea behind the video was to follow the band SINAI to and from SXSW 2011 in Austin TX while capturing photos and videos with Nikon cameras and Lenses. The song “The American Dream” is the first single released from SINAI and you can find it on Itunes right now.

The majority of the video was captured with the Nikon D7000 shooting at 1080 24FPS with some wider shots being captured with the Nikon D3s. The photos were captured with both the D7000 and D3s.

What a great experience it is to travel with the band and have the freedom to capture anything and everything.

This video was uploaded at FULL RES, I recommend that you watch it at the highest res possible. Thanks to everyone who was involved from the band and crew to Greg Cazillo and our editor Todd Wolfe.