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Testing out the ICE RINK in my Loft

Yes that is correct, I am testing out a Synthetic Ice Rink in my loft thanks to Global Synthetic ICE.

If you know me well you know that I LOVE hockey and have played and officiated for the past 16 years. I love sakting but since focusing on business so much over the past two years I have not gotten much of a chance to hit the rink. Thats when I heard about synthetic ice and though hey that could be cool to own one day.

Well I made it happen, I have a 20×20 synthetic skating surface in my loft as we speak. This first video is just to show you one of the first times I skated on it as well as ask for your questions. Please be sure to use the facebook comment box below to leave your questions. I will use future videos to answer your questions as I review this product.

I know this does not have a lot to do with photography though I do plan on using it for action and studio photos of hockey and figure skaters. I figured you guys would find this cool to watch.

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I have been speaking with their owner to get as much information about how to properly use this product so I can give it a straight up honest review. There were some question I brought up to the owner which have resulted in them already making some changes to the product. That is what its all about, if there is a question or concern you bring it up to the people who are in charge and a good business person will make the changes needed to better the product.

Anyway ive always wanted the loft from the movie BIG and I am defiantly on my way to doing that. Who wants to come skate and break in this sheet with me?