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EARMUFFS: My RANT on Taylor Swifts RANT and concert Photography

For those who don’t know, Apple is releasing a streaming music service that they are going to give away for FREE for three months. The rub is they planned on not paying the musicians for their music over that three month period.

Well, Taylor Swift was not to happy with that an penned a letter to apple telling them that they should change it. The short of it is that Apple did in fact change it and will be paying musicians over those three months.

Photographer Jason Sheldon took exception to her rant and called her a “hypocrite” due to the photographers contract that photographers are asked to sign to photographer her. You can find his full rant right here.

I decided it was time for me to RANT on this subject and add one more for good measures. I am tired of labels and managers telling me that the band needs to approve all images before they go out. Bands don’t approve of cell phone photos going out from shows why should my photos be subject to approval?

The fact is as a professional photographer it is my job and duty to make sure any photo I put out does not paint the band in poor light. I need the respect to do my job without someone telling me I can’t post this or that image.