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Hi My Name Is Jared and I Have a Problem, I Sit To Much: Postman Fro UpDesk

Word has it that sitting at your desk all day long can be really bad for your health. I fall into the category of people who sit way to long at their computer.

With that being said I have been on the look out to figure out how I can get off my butt at my desk. I picked up the Herman Miller chairs which are great for sitting but I also built a stand up countertop to work from in my office.

But my every day desk is a regular one that does not move. When I started looking for desk options I came across a few that sit on top of your desk that allow you to move your computer up and down and I cam across the UpDesk.

I reached out to UpDesk and asked them for a test unit so I can decide if it’s for me. The reason I reached out to them if for the fact that everything I need is contained in one desk unit.

The UpDesk lets me put up to 300 pounds onto it. It will raise up to 50 inches and as low as 22.5 inches. This is perfect for pretty much any person out there. Whether you are tall, short, in a wheel chair or want to have kids working at the desk.

On top of that you can put a stationary bike or treadmill below it to get a workout while you work. I can see a treadmill but I can’t see riding a bike while attempting to work.

This desk is an investment at $999 plus shipping for the model shown in the video. You have to take a few things into consideration. How much did you spend for your current desk and how much extra would you need to spend to make it an updesk?

Use Code FROUP50 to get $50 off your updesk order for a limited time.

You can check out everything UpDesk offers at