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Your RAW Edits of the week 51

This weeks RAW edit was from a photo that Adam Rosenberg of Scratch and Paint took for a portrait he was painting. I thought it would be a fun idea to have him select his favorite images from your edits and let you know what he liked.

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There is nothing better than having the actual photographer on the line to tell you which images he likes or doesnt like. What was cool was seeing the images he selected. They may not have been the ones that I would have selected but I am not the photographer here and Adam is.

That is again what is cool about photography, one person may like one thing where someone else may really dig something else. There is no right or wrong way in photography, like I say there are rules but they don’t always need to be followed.

I found it interesting that Adam liked the images to be on a darker side where as I like to bring certain things back into an image.

Sit back and enjoy what Adam has to say about the different images he pulled form the forum.