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I thought this lens sucked has its place

Before you start yelling at me for being so harsh on the Nikon 18-105 Kit lens I suggest you watch the video above and read the review below.

As many of you know I rail on kit lenses all the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with kit lenses. As long as you have a fundamental understanding of how your exposure works, you can shoot with anything.

So now let me take a step back and enter a beginners shoes who is picking up their first camera. Most DSLR cameras today come as a basic kit with a 18-55mm lens. One of the reasons companies include this lens with the kit is because of how inexpensive it is. But the problem here is that basic kit lens doesn’t give people the feeling that they are getting enough zoom or reach. Because of this, people right off the bat get into the habit of having to crop their images.

This is where we kick into the importance of the 18-105. It is an affordable lens that will allow beginners to get a little more reach for not to much extra cash. At some point beginners will come to the realization that to sometimes get better results you need to spend some money on better glass. But just starting off the 18-105 will get the job done.

The Nikon 18-105 Kit lens is all plastic, with a plastic mount but it does include VR. Most people wont understand the proper way to use VR but it’s there so that’s a plus. I think the key selling point to this lens is the fact that it will give someone a nice wide angle group shot or landscape shot as well as a tighter portrait or action shot.


As always I am not going to dive to deeply into analyzing and breaking down every nuance of the sample images. I have include all the full res sample images form the video for you to download and pixel peep at your leisure.

To the trained eye there are noticeable imperfections with this lens. The major one that stands out to me is the fact the lines are not even close to straight when shooting at 18mm. But again we have to come back to the fact that this is a basic kit lens and most likely a photographers first piece of glass.


Yes my title is a bit overstated, this lens is not terrible, it is a nice option for people just starting out. That is why I am perfectly fine suggesting that people spend a few extra bucks right off the bat to go with the 18-105 opposed to the 18-55 kit lens.

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Click Here to see all the FULL RES sample images from this review.