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Nikon D810 VS Nikon D800: Unboxing And Sniff Test

Before we jump into this unboxing and SNIFF TEST from please keep in mind this is just that, an unboxing and sniff test. That means what I am comparing are pretty much the physical features of the two cameras. Oh yes, we can’t forget the wind tunnel test.

If you are looking for the full PREVIEW I did of the Nikon D810 please CLICK HERE.

We all know that there are some slight spec changes from the D810 to the D800 but this time around my focus was more on the cosmetic changes. There are some subtle changes that may not seem like much but could mean the difference in getting the shot or not.

Something as simple as changing up the indentation of the grip means that the camera feels better in the hands. This is something I noticed in the D800 and how the Canon 5D MK III just felt better in the hands. Well the D810 made the correction and as you can see in the image below there has been a change.


Next up slight changes have been made to the buttons and dials. The two buttons on the front of the camera that your right hand fingers may have accidentally touched are now rounder and smaller. The knobs and dials are slightly more shaved down allowing for easier usage. This truly will save you so so so much time. And finally the door that used to cover the connections on the side has now been split into three doors down. FRO_4041

My most important NEW TEST is the wind tunnel test. The Nikon D810 clearly wins this with it’s new grip design and the D800 should walk home in shame because of it.

Like I said in the video, if you have a D800 there’s probably not much of a reason to upgrade unless the ISO and auto focus is what you need. again this was an unboxing and sniff test not a review.

If you would like to pick up a Nikon D810 please call at 215.547.2841 and tell them the FRO SENT YOU and you would like the FroPrice.