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5 Minute Portrait - Off Camera Flash Tutorial

As we continue with the 5 minute portrait series it was time to venture into off camera flash. I asked my long time photographer friend Richie who so happens to be an off camera flash wizard to shows us the basics.

It is amazing how simple it was to set up one Nikon Speed Light off camera using Nikons CLS shooting in TTL. Richie wanted me to mention that when he is shooting with off camera flash he is generally setting it to manual. For the very basics he wanted to show you how easy it is to set it to TTL and get great light quickly.

Off camera flash has never been my strong point and I am not afraid to admit that. After seeing how Richie set this up it honestly seems like something that I should fully embrace and utilize on simple photo shoots along with shooting my style of photos.

With this set up Richie was able to get amazing balanced light on the subject as well as keep the background in check. As you can tell from the first few images that were taken without the flash and brought back using the RAW file the background is completely washed out.

Would you like to see more in depth flash videos from Richie and Adam that break down the very basics?