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Canon 6D Unboxing and Sniff Test with FroVader

As I have done in the past I am back with another Unboxing and Sniff Test of a new camera. This time we have the Canon 6D, the first lower end full frame offering.

There will be a full on review of this camera with sample photos and video to follow. In the meantime check out the video and keep an eye out for a FroVader sighting.

If you are interested in picking up a Canon 6D please give a look or call 215.547.2841.

This is a sample JPEG from the Canon 6D shot at 1/640th at 2.8 at 25,600 ISO. I also shot RAW but at this time can not edit the files in Adobe Lightroom.

The Focus point was on the D4 for a point of reference.

Canon 6D Sample image at 25,600 ISO
Click Here for the FULL RES IMAGE