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Top 5 From April 14th and 15th

Strong Strong Strong showing this week for last weekends theme of “Fantasy”. I think this is the first week where the top 5 is comprised of images that match the theme. Remember that you can still make the top 5 even if you did not follow the weekend theme.

Please be sure to VOTE for your favorite image form the top 5 below to help that photographer win a BlackRapid Strap.

The NEW THEME is “Single Tone”

We have done vibrance, we have done colors but we have not done a “Single Tone” theme. What single tone means is your images could be black and white or any single tone like a split tone of blue, grey, orange, purple or any other single color. This is going to get you thinking about your subject and than how you are going to process the final image.

Click Here to access this weeks weekend theme.


Kid Rickerus




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