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Top 5 August 6th and 7th

Storage Devices turned out to be a really cool concept that you guys did a great job capturing. What is great about different concepts each week is they help you think outside the box. Photography is all about creating and capturing based on concepts first and the rest later.

Below you will find the TOP 5 selections for this week. Be sure to “Like” this post as well as VOTE below via the FACEBOOK comment box. All you have to do is LIKE the photo that corresponds to the number. Please leave a comment there as well which will give you a shot at winning some FREE prints from

NEW THEME – This weeks theme came to me after I broke my chair doing an INTRO for a VIDEO. You can see that video LIVE this SUNDAY during a LIVE Q and A on the Ustream tab on the FRO Facebook PAGE.

“Chairs or things you sit on” I think this is a fun and cool concept to get you thinking how you can take something that has no expressions and give it dimension. Have fun with it and be sure to post your best images from the weekend RIGHT HERE in the forum. Don’t forget the images you post do not have to match the theme.

Have Fun!!!!

#1 Kyle Kettler

#2 Jaded1933

#3 asteinar

#4 rodrivanella

#5 peterk

Honorable Mention


Sho M.