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Canon 7D Mark II Hands On From Photokina 2014

Quick hands on preview of the Canon 7D Mark II from Photokina 2014.

This camera has been on peoples minds for years. The original 7D was a revolution for it’s time, a small, powerful and quick cropped sensor DSLR.

With the passing of five years this camera has seen a substantial upgrade, but is it enough?

Right off the rip this camera feels great in the hands and has some top notch professional features. I am not going to run down all the specs because by now you already know everything about this camera.

I can tell you it’s FAST, the 10 FPS in such a small and affordable body is something we have not seen ever. The auto focus is fast and covers the entire viewfinder. I will have to dive in deeper to the settings when I buy the body to see if you can tweak the focus as much as the pro bodies.

I did have a concern with the lack of a touch screen. Where the 70D has a touch screen for the dual pixel af, this camera does not. How are we supposed to easily change focus while filming video?

That’s it for now until I buy the camera at Allens Camera.