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Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM Fisheye Review

I got the call this afternoon that the long awaited Canon 815MM F4 had come into stock at Allen’s Camera. Canon seems to be well ahead of Nikon in the fisheye department with already having a killer 15mm 2.8 and now adding this lens. Nikon is stuck with just two, the 10.5 which is great on DX and the 16mm 2.8 which I own and is lacking in clarity.

First off this lens is pretty expensive clocking in at $1499 but keep in mind a 8mm Sigma lens is around $899 and the Canon 15mm 2.8 is $799. You are pretty much combining both of these lenses to get the NEW Canon 8-15mm F4.

First thing you notice about this lens is it has some nice weight to it. The second thing you notice is you better be really careful with that front element. The zooming of the lens is very smooth from 8 to 15mm and I feel that being an F4 is not that big of a deal for what this lens offers.

As you can see in this image shot at 8mm you get a circular effect. You also want to make sure that when you are shooting at 8mm you take off the supplied lens hood. I kind of have a feeling that the lens hood will end up not being used to often with this lens.


As you zoom the lens to 15mm you can see a very nice fisheye image emerge. On the side of the lens there is a “limit” button which allows you to lock the zoom so it will only zoom from 10-15mm which will eliminate the full circle effect.

Who is this lens for? This lens is for a PRO who on occasions needs to reach for a lens that will give them something a little unique. Most pros understand that a fisheye lens is very limiting in the first place and should only come out of the bag on special occasions. The same holds true here, this is a cool lens but it is a specialty lens that has its place with limited use.

To wrap it all up this is a lens that I would add to my bag if Nikon made it. If I had a Canon system I could see putting this on my wish list for those shots that call for something unique to add some flair.

To download the FULL RES samples Images please click HERE. If you would like to purchase this lens please call Allen’s Camera 215.547.2841.