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Canon T4i / 650D Unboxing and Sniff Test

Today I went into Allen’s Camera to purchase the Canon T4i as well as to unbox and sniff it. I decided to purchase this one so I can give it a proper review as well as create a users guide for all of the people out there who will be purchasing one soon. The users guides are a lot of fun to create and they go on to help a ton of people learn their camera. It is all about helping as many people as possible discover how much fun it can be to create amazing images.

The thing I was most surprised with when I unboxed this camera was not that it smelled like a scantron form but how responsive the touch screen was. This was not your basic old soft touch screen, this was a highly responsive screen that just makes sense. I would love to see this feature added to the higher end cameras as its just so easy to use. Our brains are now wired to not use remodes or d pads now but to just touch what or where we want.

All and all I think this is a very solid entry level camera for anyone just getting into the game so long as they pick up some good glass. If you are interesrted in picked up a Canon T4i for yourself please check out or call 215.547.2841 and tell them the Fro Sent YOU!!!.

Canon T4i 650D Unboxing