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I expected so much more from this book: Chris Hadfield "You Are Here" From My Bookshelf

When I heard this book was released I quickly purchased it. I felt that what I would be getting would be some of the best photos taken from the international space station by Chris Hadfield.

As soon as I saw the size of the book as well as the quality of the print and photos I was disappointed. I expected so much more. From what I have seen posted online Chris’s photos were top notch. But due to the poorly printed photos they did not pop.

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Description from Amazon: Divided by continent, YOU ARE HERE represents one (idealized) orbit of the ISS. This planetary photo tour — surprising, playful, thought-provoking, and visually delightful — is also punctuated with fun, fascinating commentary on life in zero gravity. In the spirit of his bestselling An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, YOU ARE HERE opens a singular window on our planet, using remarkable photographs to illuminate the history and consequences of human settlement, the magnificence (and wit) of never-before-noticed landscapes, and the power of the natural forces shaping our world and the future of our species.