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Sports Illustrated "The Hockey Book" : From My Bookshelf

As many of you know, I LOVE HOCKEY. Hockey was the first professional sport I ever photographed and had a credential to shoot. Starting at 17 years old I was a credentialed photographer shooting the Philadelphia Flyers for a local publication called “Fan Magazine”.

The Hockey Book is one of those books that Sports Illustrated cultivated with what I think is the best collection of hockey images ever. My favorite part of the book is not only reading about the history of the sport but seeing images from the early days of it. Seeing images from the 40s in Detroit and seeing chicken wire up instead of glass is mind blowing.

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If you can still find this book online or in stores and you love hockey or know someone who does, pick this up.

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“From its earliest days on frozen ponds, hockey has been a sport of speed and elegance, but also one demanding courage and physical will. The Hockey Book goes deep into the heart of the game, celebrating with astounding photographs and insightful words the great players and the inspiring teams, as well as an ethos-robust and selfless-that defines the sport as much in its dynamic present as it did in hockey’s hardscrabble (and helmetless) past.”