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"Greatest Of All Time" Muhammad Ali Book

Greatest Of All Time is a 16.3 pound book that takes a look at Muhammad Ali in both stunning photos and well written words.

“GOAT” on Amazon

Taschen is known for making some of the highest quality photo related books. They make short runs of the oversized books which tend to cost anywhere from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. Then they release a smaller version of the book for the general public to purchase.

I purchased this book over a year ago from Amazon as I had my eye on it for a while before finally deciding to place the order. One of the main reasons I made the purchase was because of the Neil Leifer’s photographs. He is one of the main contributors to the book as he spent a lot of time capturing images of Ali in his heyday.

The cover photo alone is one of the most famous captures of Ali. Inside the book and on the outside cover of the carrying case the book came with you have a top down image that is possibly my all time favorite image that Leifer captured and he captured many.

If you love amazing candid and sports photography along with a well writing chronicle of Ali this book is for you.