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Digital Photography RAW Editing Tips Week 7

Let us edit your RAW file WEEK 7. Each week Greg and I edit a user submitted RAW file and than put them up head to head to see which you like. We do not get to see each others edits before we make our own tweaks to the file. If you would like to submit and image please e mail it to By submitting a photo you are giving the right to post your image online for purposes of showing how the file was edited.

This week Greg chose the image of the cat for us to edit. This was another file that could have been a solid black and white but worked very well as a color file. You can tell that our editing styles are very different. Some weeks we end up with something close other weeks like this one we are very far off.

My edit of the cat is very heavy handed on the contrast where Greg’s is more subdued. Greg talks about the histogram where I tend to never look at what I am clipping or not clipping. What this exercise really shows us is that everyone has their own personal style for how the edit a file. There is no right or wrong way to edit, what looks great to you may not be considered great by someone else and vice versa.

Some people will like Greg’s softer edit some will like my heavy handed and some may not like either at all. But that is ok, this is photography and photography is an art form. Sometimes people will like what you do other times they wont but keep doing what you like and what makes you happy.

Check out the video below to see both edits along with a side by side comparison.

Greg’s Edit

Greg's Edit

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit