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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: Editing the "Real World Review" RAW Files In Adobe Lightroom CC

There are few photographers out there who will share there entire editing process from a photo shoot, i’m not one of them. I figure since I am editing the photos any way, I might as well screenflow it and share the process with you.

I do all my photo editing in Adobe Lightroom CC. I have the entire bundle but the photography bundle is a perfect fit for $10 a month giving you Lightroom and Photoshop.

Download sample RAW DNG Files Right Here. There are a few CR2 Dual Pixel RAW files waiting for you as well.

Sample RAW File Pack 1
Sample RAW File Pack 2
Sample RAW File Pack 3
Sample RAW File Pack 4

Click Here to access all the FULL-RES exported JPEG files.

Purchase the Canon 5D Mark IV from Amazon / Allen’s Camera

If you missed the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV “Real World Review” you can watch it below.

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