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Is this good or bad? Tear down of my first PHOTO website from 2001

Who wants to time travel with me way back to the year 2001 to do a “tear down” of my first photography website? I am sure you are wondering how in the world was I able to locate my first website which has been changed numerous times over the last decade and a half. Simple, there is a website called the “Way Back Machine” that let’s you search just about any website and find older iterations.

When I had this site built back around 2000 I had to find someone who knew RAW html. My friend Rick Berk was taking design classes at the time said he would be able to do it. I gave him some direction, photos and a bio and this site right here is what he came up with.

As you can tell there are not a ton of images on the site. There are two basic galleries, one with sports and one with what I would call everything else. The Bio was probably written by me and reading it today leaves me scratching my head. I know I had good intentions when writing it but I think it may have came across a little on the harsh side.

None the less I had a place for my photos online and this was just a start of a long journey to getting to where my site is today. Today I use Squarespace because I don’t have to rely on anyone else to make updates and changes. On top of that it’s affordable and extremely professional looking.

If you are looking to build a professional, simple and affordable site give Squarespace a try. Click Here to get your FREE 14 day trial. If you decide that it’s for you, please use my code FRO at checkout to get 10% Off your first year.