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Do you ever get cold in your I shoot RAW t-shirt???? Well now there is a solution for that, the I shoot RAW HOODIE, YEAAAA!!!!!!

This is the perfect gift for any photographer whether you buy it for yourself or someone else. If you shoot NIKON or CANON or the other brands become the conversation with this I SHOOT RAW HOODIE!!!!

This is a very high end well made hoodie that will last you a very long time. There is a huge pouch for keeping you warm or holding your camera accessories while out on a shoot.

Shirts are available right now in the USA. If you are overseas and would like a hoodie please e mail me to find out about shipping costs.

Lil Loves hers, click the photo to pick one up, USA sales only right now.

FroKnowsPhoto Hoodie

This is perfect if you own a Nikon D200,D300,D300s,D40,D60,D5000,D90,D70,D80,D31000,D3000,D7000,D700,D3,D3s or Canon Rebel, XT,XTI,5d,5dmk2,1dmk4,t2i