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Photographing Jay Z's Made in America Fest

Join me as I take you through some of my keepers from the recent Jay Z Made In America Fest. For some shows you end up being in a pit with almost 50 other photographers, that was the case during this shoot.

My goal at shows where I only can shoot the first three songs is to try and capture some solid photos first thing and foremost. That means I may only use one lens to maximize the time I have to shoot without needing to change lenses.

With images from shows like this I am not interested in shooting a million pictures I am interested in getting a handful of usable shots of each artist. The reason I don’t over shoot is once I get that shot it’s time to move on and not over shoot.

Enjoy this video as I critique my own photos from this event as well as get an idea for what is in my mind when I am shooting as well as editing them.