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Check out my Suite at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas: Cribs Edition

Here is a review AKA a walkthrough of my Suite at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. I like to call this the FroKnowsPhoto Las Vegas Cribs Edition.

The suite at the Paris Hotel was huge. I don’t think I have stayed in a room in my life that was as big as this. It’s like someone took two rooms and cut it right down the middle and said “hey, lets make this two rooms instead of one”.

This room had almost everything. From the king sized bed to the his and hers bathroom to the jacuzzi tub to the AUTO raising tv. It had almost everything but it was missing Auto Drapes.

All and all this room was killer and I really enjoyed staying at the Paris. The element was much nicer than some of the other places I have stayed in Vegas, so that is a plus.