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Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing: See Every Step I Make

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Elmakias for a future RAWtalk the other day. For those of you who don’t know Adam, he is the photographer who came up with the lens bracelet and has built a huge following across social media. You will find out a lot more about him when we release our interview.

Adam was in town with the band A Day To Remember so we made sure we were able to get together to meet for the first time. After our interview I asked if I could come to the show that night and Photograph the Photographer.

I love setting out with a photographic task in my mind. In this case my goal was to capture solid images of Adam at work. I have never seen him work so I was not sure what to expect. But that’s what’s fun about photography, the attempt to quickly adapt to someones style and be able to capture them.


This was not one of the easier shoots I have attempted. First off we were shooting at the Troc which is an old venue with not a ton of quality lighting. So if the stage light is not the best to start with how do you think it will be on the photographer who is not the main focus. But again that’s what’s fun about going out and shooting, you never know what you will need to do.

I think the shoot went extremely well. My goal when I go out to shoot is to capture a handful of “keepers” that tell a story. I am not really focused on just getting “the one” shot, I want to tell a story across multiple winners. I feel I was able to accomplish that once all the images were edited.


Speaking of editing I decided to let you watch me edit my stared images. But before I did that I discussed the keepers from the shoot, the images that I think tell a well rounded story of what I was trying to capture. The images that I selected show you everything from wide shots to tight shots to the pit and backstage. That to me is what makes a well rounded photo story.

We all have our own style for editing and our reasonings for how we accomplish our final results. Some people have commented in the past when watching me edit that I just move sliders until I see what I like. Honestly that is partially true, what’s wrong with moving sliders and seeing the results. What they don’t realize is I have an idea before I touch any slider about what direction I want to take.


My thought process between sharing my entire editing process with you is the fact that I am going to edit my images anyway. I might as well record the process along with giving you more insights into the how and why.

Do you like this type of video, would you like to see me do more of them in the future? Do you find watching the entire process to be helpful or is it to much, please let me know.

Click Here to see the full res exports from all the edited files.