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Exclusive BTS Photos of the "MisterWives" music video

A few months back I had the chance to be in an actual music video. The band is MisterWives and lucky for me they were shooting the video in the Philadelphia area. Friends that shoot my high end video productions were in charge of creating the story as well as shooting the full music video.

They asked if I would like to play the “angry” dance coach while they asked Todd who was in their first music video is he would like to play the washed up dance coach. I figured since I was going to be on set hanging around for hours at a time I might as well bring my camera along to capture BTS candid photos.

The band had no issue with me capturing photos of them and just went about their day as I took candid images. The only thing I wish could have been different is that someone could have been shooting photos of me while I was “acting”.

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I am sure some people will wonder why am I uploading full res images without watermarks, the answer is simple. I want my images to be seen. I want them to be seen full res and at their best quality. I am not looking to sell these images and even if I were, posting them would not hurt the ability to sell them at a later date.

It was a blast being in the video and spending a few days with the band taking their photo. Check out their latest music video below.